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Futurehit. DNA

The digital revolution has been televised. It is now widely accepted that digital distribution will become the preferred method of consuming music for the majority of people worldwide. The avenues of choice and consumption make it too appealing for music fans to ignore. Millions of music fans have already jumped in head-first with iPods, internet radio, file trading, online music videos and streaming from personalized community pages and websites. While the makeup of this digital landscape has been well documented, there has never been any detailed analysis to what this all means for the music creation process. Listening habits are changing drastically. The methods in which music gatekeepers can understand what music will become hits are rapidly growing deeper than ever before. The gatekeepers themselves are also changing. Jay Frank is one of those gatekeepers. As Head of Music Programming at Yahoo! Music and now as SVP of Music Strategy at CMT, he is on the forefront of the new methods of music consumption. He has been able to synthesize the feedback of millions of music fans weekly to identify, pick and promote future hit songs well before it touches the mainstream radar. What he has seen is that the elements of song writing and production that made hits yesterday are quickly losing ground and new techniques must be implemented for the #1 songs of tomorrow. Future Hit. DNA provides a road map to this digital landscape, outlining 15 points that must change in a song if the artists, songwriters and producers of tomorrow want a chart topping hit. For the first time, Future Hit. DNA actually dissects the elements to a hit song based on the technology that delivers the music. It shows how technology has always led the way hit songs are written from campfires to car stereos. The book provides the blueprint to the subtle changes that need to be made that result in little difference to music fans, but big differences in that song’s placement on the charts. The new digital w

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