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Technology is not only on its edge but it is actually booming all around the world. Today both individuals and businesses are making full use of high end technological advancement to bring in significant easiness to their lives. For years we have seen a number of technological advancements and appraisals throughout the world but the latest world news reveals that now the dimensions are really going above and beyond human expectations. Let us now go through a short but very informative and knowledge based insight on the latest technological happening all around the world.
Let us start exploring the recent technological happening by revealing what the world’s biggest trend setter has to come up with and that is only Apple Inc. from the United States. iPhone and iPad have already revolutionized the world with their highly creative and phenomenal features that were only a wish for us before these smart devices. Yes it is true that although we are living in a world that has got all the tech aids that were previously highly required by all of us but it also a fact that every invention has its own a few cons as well. The most common problem identified by most of the smart devices users today is that off shattered screens and it is really a matter for all the top most smart devices manufacturers. And for that Apple Inc. The latest news around the world reveals that Apple Inc. is again going to send another trend in its preexisting products by providing their customers with a more upgraded and state-of-the-art shatter proof screens sapphire screens in their smart devices.
On the other hand although Amazon previously disclosed about their new and unique way of delivering purchased goods to their clients at their doorstep but the government of the UAE has its own plans superseding the idea of Amazon. Some of the most authentic recent news resources reveal that the government of the UAE has finally planned to dive into the new era of drones for commercial uses. Representatives from the UAE governments make it more authentic that they are soon going to fill their skies with a one of its kind delivery services entirely based on drones as the medium for sending posts to people at their doorsteps. The government is more interested in sending important and confidential documents through this drone postal service. In order to maintain the elements of privacy and security the drone devices will have finger print and eye scanning tech aids installed within them in order to make the postal process not only crystal clear but integrates a highly sophisticated and state-of-the-art approach towards ensuring complete confidentiality.
The world is moving with the latest notions of technology and people are quickly adapting to the modern gears of communication and interaction. This is an era of smartness bringing in greater ease, convenience, interactivity and sophistication to the human lives and seems like never ending.

In this video, I have found several independent news headlines that talk about military exercises and movements across the world, involving 120 countries! All U.S. and most European news outlets aren’t reporting on this! The Middle East is a time bomb set for detonation. Remember, ISIS is a CIA false flag meant to usher in WW3 and has been funded by Barack Obama.

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