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Patricia was sitting at a table in the mall watching people. At times she was openly staring at the people who walked by her table. As someone who also enjoys people watching, I knew she would be perfect to write in my journal. She seemed slightly suspicious and didn’t want herself identified except for her first name. After writing a note, we talked for a small time and I gave her directions to pick up her grandson.

My name is Patricia and i am 75 years old. I’ve never been to this mall before but I have to kill three hours. I had to drop my grandson off at a drug ed. class and visitors are not allowed. He is a good kid as all Grandmothers say. I do not live in Gastonia so I am nervous about finding my way back. A very polite young lady asked me to write a note-God bless her.

The 54th birthday party was well attended. The Acting Nigerian Ambassador to the United States, Ambassador Usman Baraya was so idle and less busy he had time to attend this party. Some members of the House of Representatives were in attendance, all national duties and constituency assignments abandoned. The Speaker of the Ogun State House of Assembly, Mrs. Titi Oseni was also in attendance. Titi Oseni could not have been in the United States on a short notice if we must believe the stories being told by Mrs. Ette. Did the House in Ogun State sit for business that Friday when Her Excellency the Speaker was frolicking in far away Bowie, USA? Who paid her way to the United States and who picked the bills? I hope it was not the struggling people of Ogun State. How about her entourage and all other hangers-on who came with Titi Oseni? Who will pick the bills for these lieutenants of Her Excellency?

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Mrs. Patricia Olubunmi Ette has not behaved well. She has been very irresponsible and dishonoured her office. The truth is that she is not worthy of that office, and a million thanksgiving service will not change that fact. Her claims of attending lecture and undergoing medical check-up were mere excuses to masquerade the real plan for coming to the United States at state expense, but the national purse is nobody’s piggy bank (must not be anybody’s piggy bank) and such personal trips made to look like national assignments for the sake of abusing state funds must be discouraged. Anyone found to have abused his or her office is such reckless manner should be made to refund such money and be punished appropriately with jail terms. The EFCC should note this trip as one worthy of close examination and ensure that the nation did not pick up any needless bills. Mrs. Patricia Olubunmi Ette should be responsible for every cent spent on this trip.


Mrs. Ette is a disgrace to womanhood. She is supposed to be working towards improving the welfare of women and children, working hard to sponsor bills that will provide basic health, cancer screening and care for women and children, protecting children and women from preventable diseases, and working towards supporting and assisting the girl-child to find all the needed help that will make it possible to succeed in a very unfriendly and difficult environment. Rather she is junketing around and attending birthday parties. As long as she foots the bill, then all is well that ends well, and the number of days spend away from legislative duties should be deducted from her wages.

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