Great Ways To Make Your Self Beautiful With Make Up Easily


At one time or another, many women have used makeup both for an every day look and for special occasions. Using makeup is a wonderful way to change your appearance quickly. Makeup can be both fun and easy to apply, and there are a few different tips and tricks that you can follow in order to make your self beautiful with make up!

If you find that you have any blemishes or dark circles under your eyes, you will want to begin by applying a bit of concealer. Choose a concealer that is lighter than the foundation that you are going to use. Apply concealer only to the areas where you find imperfections in your skin and under your eyes. Apply several dots of concealer, then use your finger or a damp makeup sponge to blend lightly.

You will want your foundation to match the exact shade of your skin tone. Apply the foundation lightly, then blend from the inside outward using a damp makeup sponge or your fingers. Be sure to blend under the jaw line and into the neck area to avoid having a distinct line where your makeup ends on your face.

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The next step in applying your makeup is to use pressed or loose powder to set and seal the foundation and concealer. Most compacts that you purchase will come with a powder puff for you to apply the powder to your face. Dust the powder on loosely and remember your neck as well. You will want your powder to match your skin tone to create a look that is naturally blended. Be sure not to use too much powder!

You can use eyebrow powder or pencil to strengthen the look of your brows. Well defined brows are an important part of looking well manicured and put together. Apply the powder or pencil lightly and in even strokes in the direction that your hair grows, then it is time to move on to eye shadow!

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You can really spice up your look with your eye shadows. There are as many eye shadows as there are colors of the rainbow! You can match your shadow to your clothes or accessories if you want to. Use a basic color over your whole eyelid, then choose a second color to apply in the crease.

Once your eye shadow is applied, you can use eye liner pencil. You will only want a thin line of liner on the upper and lower eyelids. Be careful not to get too close the eye when putting your eye liner on!

To finish the look of your eye makeup, you can use a nice mascara to bring out the look of your lashes. Brown and black are the most popular colors of mascara, though you may find many different colors are available. Use the mascara wand to apply the mascara at the part of your eyelashes that are closest to the lids first, then make even strokes outward.

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Apply a lightly colored blush to the apples of your cheeks, the purpose of this is to simply add a bit of color to your face. Finish the look by applying a bit of lipstick in a shade that compliments your skin tone and other makeup!

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