GTA V – 100% Checklist: All Miscellaneous Objectives / Guide

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✔ Career Criminal – Attain 100% Game Completion. (Miscellaneous 16/16)

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You can do all of this with one or multiple characters.


00:05 – All 50 Scapeship Part Locations:
00:13 – All 50 Letter Scrap Locations:
00:21 – All 50 Under the Bridge Challenges (only 25 needed):
00:30 – All 15 Knife Flight Challenges (only 8 needed):
00:37 – All 50 Stunt Jump Challenges (only 25 needed):
00:45 – **Purchase a Vehicle from the Internet.
01:14 – **Visit the Cinema at least once.
01:32 – Play with Chop at least once.
02:16 – Use a Prostitute at least once.
02:58 – **Receive a Booty Call
04:01 – Rob at least 1 Store
04:43 – Visit a Bar with a Friend.
05:25 – Visit the Cinema with a Friend.
05:46 – Visit a Strip Club with a Friend.
06:01 – Play Darts with a Friend.
06:23 – Buy 5 Properties

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Total: 16 Objectives


** Internet Vehicle: You can use any of the 5 shown websites. You’ll need to buy storage properties to store purchased vehicles though, safe houses won’t work.

** Cinema: You don’t have to watch the entire movie.

** Booty Call: To receive a Booty Call, you’ll need to touch and flirt a dancer at the Strip Club. If you do this after Trevor owns the Strip Club, you won’t have to worry about the bouncers throwing you out. Once her like meter is full, you can request to go home with her. Once you do, pick her up outside and drive to her house. Pleasure awaits.

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● 100% Checklist:
Story Missions 69/69:
Hobbies and Pastimes 42/42:
Strangers and Freaks 20/20:
Random Events 14/14:
Miscellaneous 16/16: –

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