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Uncharted The Lost Legacy – Right Under Your Nose Trophy Guide – Destroy the helicopter without defeating any other enemies [Silver]

Chapter 8
Encounter: Helicopter Fight

Before attempting this go and finish the story on any difficulty (explorer difficulty will suffice, there are 9 chapters total). Finishing the story for the first time on any difficulty unlocks cheats in the bonus menu!
Now load up the helicopter encounter in chapter select and enable the infinite ammo + RPG cheats. Hit the helicopter with 3 rockets and then attach your rope to it by pressing L1. Climb up the helicopter on your rope to kill the pilot. Super easy with the cheats enabled. You can also enable auto-aim and play on explorer difficulty for this.

Uncharted The Lost Legacy Trophy Guide & Roadmap:

Uncharted The Lost Legacy Trophy Guide & Roadmap

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All Uncharted The Lost Legacy Trophies:

Don’t Ruin The Moment
Collect all the Trophies

Legacy Found!
Complete the Game

Progress Demands Sacrifice
Complete the Game in Crushing mode

Casual Treasure Hunter
Find 5 treasures

Hardcore Treasure Hunter
Find 35 treasures

Collector of Antiquities
Find all the treasures

Shake For Your Fortune
Ask Skeleseer a question

Token For Granted
Find a Hoysala token

Yas Queen
Find all the Hoysala tokens and obtain the Queen’s Ruby

Five Finger Discount
Open 5 lockboxes

Picks or It Didn’t Happen
Open every lockbox

Take a photo at 5 photo opportunities

Pics or It Didn’t Happen
Take a photo at all the photo opportunities

Getting to Know You
Listen to all optional conversations

Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum
Use every gun in the game

Were You Counting?
Defeat an enemy with the last bullet in your handgun clip

10 Up, 10 Down
Defeat 10 enemies with headshots in a row

Frazer. Chloe Frazer.
Defeat 5 consecutive enemies with the silenced pistol without being detected

Itchy Trigger Finger
Defeat 20 enemies firing from-the-hip

Stay and Pray
Defeat 20 enemies blind-firing from cover

Tip of the Hat
Stealth take-down 10 armored enemies with melee by first removing their helmets without being detected

Royal Demolitionist
Defeat 20 enemies with C4

On the Grid
Mark 30 enemies

I Was Never Here
Open a lockbox with enemies nearby

Defeat 4 enemies with one C4 detonation

Just the Wind
Stealth take-down 15 enemies in a row

Now You See Me…
Break stealth and re-enter stealth successfully

Perform 10 combo partner takedowns

The Way of the Warrior
Make it to the outskirts of Halebidu in Chapter 5 without using a firearm or explosive

The Sampler
Defeat 5 enemies, each one taking damage from a handgun, long-gun, and melee

Make an Entrance
Defeat enemies with the vehicle, long-gun, melee, and grenade, in that order, in 20 seconds

Bring in the Big Guns
Defeat 30 enemies with gold weapons

Defeat 4 enemies with the vehicle in 20 seconds

Drop Me a Line
Use all the zip-lines to traverse the city

Your Prize
Appreciate the view at the top of the Hoysala Empire

Best Driver in the Business
Drive from the Ganesh mountain carving to the top of the waterfall at the Trident Fort and back in under 3 minutes

Flawless Gauntlet
Get through all 3 Axe Fort trials without resetting any boards

Quiet as a Mouse
After entering the Trident Fort, reach the door without being seen

Perform 5 grapple swings in a row without touching the ground

Stunt It!
Get 30 seconds of total airtime with the vehicle

Shadow Theater
Complete the shadow puzzle in 10 moves or less

Marco Po-No
Play in the water in the dam in Halebidu

Pick a three pin lock in under 15 seconds

Plant multiple C4 charges on the APC at the same time and destroy it with one massive detonation

Perform an impressive dive from the cliff near the old railroad tracks

Right Under Your Nose
Destroy the helicopter without defeating any other enemies

Combat Racing
Ram 10 motorcycles

Backseat Driver
Commandeer 6 vehicles by jumping on them and kicking out the driver

Here, Catch!
Destroy a vehicle in Chapter 9 with an explosive

Let’s Not Get Caught
Drive over the edge in the Western Ghats
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Jobs from Indeed

Famous People With Serious Mental Disorders

top 10 actors and celebrities who struggled with mental health issues
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Mental illness doesn’t care about race, age, religion, education level or income; it can affect anyone, even celebrities. Research shows that as many as one in five Americans have a diagnosable mental illness. Many don’t seek treatment out of fear of rejection or discrimination, since the stigma surrounding mental illnesses is still intact and going strong.
But the stigma is slowing being broken, as more and more sufferers come forward to talk about their illnesses. Many celebrities that previously struggled in silence have come forth. Coming from the mouth of the rich and famous, it seems people are more inclined to listen to the outspoken heroes of their favorite films and television shows.

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The Cause Of My Dry Mouth

Any person suffering from dry mouth knows it is a agonizing and sometimes painful ordeal. Many people are stuck with only a dry mouth, while others suffer from the underlying disease or medical problem or face a habit that causes dry mouth. It is not normal for anybody to have a dry mouth at least once in their life; nevertheless, for those people with reoccurring or prolonged instances of dry mouth it might be advantage to consider all lifestyle habits and problems. Then the real culprit behind the dry mouth is found.

In order to remove a dry mouth, the source of the problem must be diagnose. Many patients who are on numerous medications will suffer from a dry mouth as a result of a side effect of dry mouth remedies. Therefore, if the drug causes dry mouth, the doctor may prescribe another drug or change the dose of a particular drug. A lot of treatments such as radiation therapy for cancer can lead a dry mouth. There are also some different illness and health condition that can affect the salivary glands and lead to a dry mouth. Some of those diseases and health problems include:

v High blood pressure v Sjogren’s syndrome v Alzheimer’s disease v Diabetes v Mumps v Anemia v Cystic fibrosis v Rheumatoid arthritis v High blood pressure v Parkinson’s disease v Stroke v Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

Other causes of dry mouth can be the result of lower production of saliva. If the salivary glands aren’t working to their full potential the normal amount of saliva isn’t in the mouth; therefore, causing a dry mouth. If this is the condition, a physician can prescribe medication or natural remedies for dry mouth that helps the salivary glands to work better and produce a adequate amount of saliva to abate a dry mouth.

Food and drink consumed may also contribute to dry mouth. Foods that are salty and spicy absorb the saliva in the mouth and cause a dry mouth. Certain foods can also cause pain in the mouth. Drinks high in caffeine and sugar can also cause the mouth to become dry, and it is therefore important to limit consumption of these types of drinks and drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated and keep your mouth moist, and therefore, dehydration causes the mouth becomes dry. Other dry mouth causes include, but are not limited to: v Nerve damage v Damaged or removed salivary glands v Hormonal changes v Lifestyle changes and habits

Ganesh Chovorick a writer who wrote about the natural remedies for dry mouth that can be helpful to achieve healthy oral hygiene.

How To Naturally Unblock Your Sinuses

Hi guys!
Ever had blocked sinuses? For most people it happens when we catch a cold or flu, but did you know there are also other factors that might be the cause? So here are a few tips on how to take care of your sinuses and a few home remedies to naturally unblock them!

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Earrings: Korean store in Chinatown
Necklace: Chanel
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