Treat It Early! Recognise The Beginning Stages Of Dyslexia Symptoms

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Dyslexia is a learning and language disorder that can be experienced by children and adults, or in fact, in any stage of human development. While the root cause of the disease can be varied and far reaching, there is a consensus that treating dyslexia early is the way to go in ensuring that it does not become too serious and debilitating. It is classified as a learning disability that manifests itself as problems with written language, spelling, syntax and of course reading.

It is not classified as a nuerodevelopmental disorder; more to the point, dyslexia is a disorder that originated from neurological deficiencies in hearing and vision, and even from a lack of teaching and reading instruction from a very early age. Most people believe that this condition primarily comes about from these two major issues, although some doctors might point to genetics as a cause as well. Other brain experts also are looking into the theory on how the brain processes the spoken and written language in the cortex. You see, in normal people with no condition such as this, the brain processes written and spoken words in tandem with the speech centres of the brain and combines them with a very normal reaction to auditory and visual stimulus.

It is this chain reactions which leas us to understand what we see or what we read on paper, or even what we here on the radio. The brain has a catchment area of learning and understanding, taken from a pool of experiences and instruction and matching them to the stimulus being experienced. In dyslexic people, this chain has a few broken links and I will akin it best to a computer with a bad registry. Negative values and orphan keys within a registry (or blank spaces left behind by bad programmes) cause the computer to be confused when trying to launch a programme.

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This is the same for dyslexic people. Somewhere in the train of thought, there are missing instructions of bad code that causes confusion and a lack of understanding. If your child has difficulty reading and writing, or if he or she constantly mispronounces words, is unable to understand you at some points and is struggling in school because of language problems, then he or she might have dyslexia.

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Even if you suspect that he or she does, it is always good to bring him to a child psychologist or even a speech therapist to assess whether or not he or she has this problem. The best remedy for this situation is to treat it early and reduce it as a hindrance to the developmental and learning experiences as a child. It can also lead to many social problems, as children can be ostracized quite easily by their peers for seemingly unequal or abnormal characteristics. A good and highly distinct phonics instruction at an early age is a brilliant way to ensure that dyslexia does not progress and the child is cured. So treat it early!

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