Hemp Oil True or False

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Hemp Oil True or False

I have been providing high quality medicinal extracts and instructions to patients, explaining how they too can produce hemp oil medicines themselves. The results have truly been nothing short of amazing and now vast numbers of people worldwide have finally learned what has been hidden from us for so long. Throughout history, cannabis hemp has proven itself to be the most medicinally active plant that we have at our disposal. Its use as a medicine has achieved legendary status because it is perfectly safe and no one has ever died from its effects. Since it produces medicines, which are so harmless, safe, and effective, why in heaven’s name are we not putting this plant to good use, doing what it does best?Statements to this effect have been voiced by many highly respected individuals in the field of medicine and elsewhere for decades but sadly it often seems that no one is listening, even though knowledge of hemp’s healing virtues was quite widely known long before the time of Jesus and I strongly suspect that he himself used extracts this plant can produce to heal the masses. Since that time, knowledge about its healing powers has been suppressed by those who work in religious and political circles and this deception has continued right up to the present day. What would have happened to their religions if the public had been aware of the fact that much like Jesus himself, they too could heal the masses by simply using this plant? We have always been told that Jesus used the power of God to perform these miracles; so if the public had learned the truth, it probably would have a devastating effect on the belief systems they wanted us to accept. Everything we were being told was designed to convince the public to continue believing the religious dogmas, which they were being fed and for us all to remain enslaved to the agendas of those who wished to control our existence. It appears “Thou Shall Not Kill” was given little consideration by the individuals who brought th

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