How To Fix a Frozen Kindle – Frozen Kindles Are Easier To Fix Than Many People Think


At first, try to recharge batteries (at least 15-30 minutes) and then try to turn on the device again. Also try to change outlet.

If it does not help reset Kindle. In order to avoid accidental usage it is hidden in box. Your could see picture with instruction how to reset your Kindle on this page

My Kindle 2nd generation froze. I called customer service, and they tried to sell me an upgrade. I did nothing to my Kindle to make it stop working. I know it’s out of warranty, but why would I want to invest more money into a faulty product that will stop working? I’ve put about 100 dollars into Kindle orders, which isn’t a lot, but I’ll never see that money again. This experience will spur me on to try the Nook or go back to paperbacks altogether. I am really disappointed b/c I’ve always been a huge Amazon supporter, but now I want to cancel anything positive I’ve ever said about them. Try at your own risk.

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Do not worry – you cannot damage your Kindle by rebooting the system.

Charging the battery fully should take less than three hours and you can continue reading while it charges. The charge indicator light will turn green when the battery is fully charged.

I hacked my KPW3 today, here’s how I did it.

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