How To Hide Your Guns And Why

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Learning how to hide your guns is very important with all the tricks on getting our guns taken from us.

If you are a survivalist, then you will know that being able to carry a gun is critical to survival.

In the Northwest, it is still very common to see hunters (and others) carry their guns in the their vehicles.

It would be quite interesting to see someone try to take a gun away from some of the characters I run into in town!

There is still a very prevalent wild west mindset of ” You take my guns and I will shoot!”

Seriously, no one messes with a mountain man’s gun.

So what about all the families that live in the city?

That is where learning how to hide your guns is a MUST if you want to be able to protect yourself and your family.

If you are watching the news at all and are able to recognize the danger signs of where we are headed as a country then you know alredy that NO ONE will want to be without some form of protection.

With prices rising on guns and with it being harder and harder to purchase them, there have been more thefts and house break-ins.

Same with other valuables, such as gold and silver.

As the economy gets worse, so will looting and stealing.

Natural disasters, crisis situations, civil unrest or terrorist attacks almost always lead to looting as well.

All of this eventually leads to gun control and in some places it is happening already.

In some areas it is not uncommon to see a cop walk up to someone and demand they hand their gun over.

So WHERE can we hide our guns?

According to Sam Adams , who wrote a book on “How to Hide Your Guns “….One of the WORST places to hide your valuables is in your back yard!

If you do a google search on Sam Adams book on How to Hide Your Guns you will be able to find it and it will tell you much more than I can on the whole subject.

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In conclusion the most important thing is that you don’t lose your survival weapon.

You may never have any intentions of shooting someone, but you may need that gun someday to hunt for food!

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Make sure to get a copy of Sam Adams report on Hiding Your Guns at Viola Bontrager’s website.

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