Industrial Instrument Technicians And Mechanics (2243) Canada Skilled Migration 2014

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Canada is an amazing country. This country is known for its lifestyle, culture and economies. Nowadays student, businessman, skilled workers are migrating to Canada a lot. Canada’s education level is very good many students want to pursue higher education in Canada. Similarly, skilled workers are getting good opportunities in Canada and they are also intended to migrate to Canada and want to live and work there.

There are various occupations which are demanded in Canada. You can go through to Canada’s occupation demand list to know about other occupations. Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics(2243) maintain, repair, calibrate, install and adjust industrial controlling and measuring instrumentation. They are employed by nuclear and hydro power generating companies,industrial instrument petrochemical and natural gas companies, mining, and other manufacturing companies, pulp and paper processing companiesand by industrial instrument servicing establishments.

This occupation is one of the most demanded occupations in Canada and is listed in Canada’s most demanded occupation list.

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Illustrative examples for this occupations are- apprentice industrial mechanics mechanic; instrument technician, industrial; industrial instrument mechanic; process control equipment mechanic; instrumentation technician, industrial.

Some of the main duties of this profession are-

* Consult manufacturer’s circuit diagram, manuals, and blue prints to determine tests and maintenance procedures for instrument used controlling and measuring flow, pressure, level, temperature, chemical composition, and other variables in processing and manufacturing.

* Test and inspect operation of system and instrument to diagnose fault using pneumatic, electronic and electrical testing devices and precision in measuring devices.

* Adjust and repair system components such as transmitters, sensors, programmable logic controller, or replace or remove defective part.

* Calibrate instruments and components according to the specification of the manufacturer

* Complete maintenance and test reports and performs scheduled preventive maintenance work

* Install measurement and control instruments on existing and new plant equipment and processes

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* Advice and consults with process operator

These are the tasks performed by the people in this occupation. Applicant may need to clear some of the basic requirements for this occupation under Canada immigration-

* Completion of secondary school

* Completion of 4 or 5 years apprenticeship program in industrial repair or completion of 2 years of college programs in industrial instrumentation technology and several years of work experience may require.

* Control technician and instrumentation trade certification is available but voluntary in all territory and provinces (except in Quebec)

* Red seal endorsement is obtainable to qualified instrumentation and control technicians upon successful completion of the interprovincial red seal examination.

Applicant must clear all the basic criteria for this occupation. You may also need to show that you can support yourself in Canada financially. You are also required to show your health and character certificate. Canada immigration process is quite complex. You may need assistance and help of an expert of immigration who have complete knowledge about country’s law, rules and regulation. Hiring an expert of immigration is very helpful. Once migrating to Canada you can also apply for Canada permanent resident.

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Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics (2243) maintain, repair, calibrate, install and adjust industrial controlling and measuring instrumentation. They are employed by nuclear and hydro power generating companies, petrochemical and natural gas companies, mining, pulp and paper processing companies, industrial instrument and other manufacturing companies and by industrial instrument servicing establishments.

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