Instrumentation & Control Systems Mock Interview 3 of 28


Realistic Instrumentation & Control Systems Engineering Interviews: 3 of 28 – Control Systems Components, Petroleum Instrumentation & Control, and Quality Assurance. For infinite number of professional interviews (Exactly as you experience in professional companies – Technical + HR), visit

This interview series covers graduate syllabus and the syllabus of Masters degree to a great extent. For example,the key topics like, Process parameter transmitter, Pneumatic transmitter, Electronic Transmitter, Intelligent Transmitter, Control valves, Valve Terminology, Valve Capacity, Valve Rangeability, Body Design, Globe Bodies, Angle, Needle, Ball, Eccentric Rotating Plug, Butterfly, Diaphragm, Pinch, Drag, Flow Characteristic, Trim Design, Mechanical Feature, Actuator, Pneumatic Types, Electric Types, Electro Hydraulic Types, Positioner, Pneumatic, Electro Pneumatic, Positioner Features & Accessories, Control Valve Accessories, Control valve selection, control valve sizing, Definition of CV, Basic Equations, Pressure Drop, Constant Pressure Systems, Variable Pressure Systems, Valve Selection Guidelines, Pressure releiving devices, Relief Valves, Safety Valves, Safety Relief Valves, Pilot Operated Relief Valves, Rupture Discs, Parameter sensitive switches, Flow switches, Level switches, Temperature switches and thermostats, Pressure and differential pressure switches, Proximity switches, limit switches, Relay And Contactors, AC And DC Relays, Electromechanically and Solid State Relays, General Purpose Relays, High Speed Relays, High Voltage Relays, Power Relays, Relay Circuits, Construction of The Relay, Logic Relays, Optoelectronic Relay, Relay Problems And Remedies, Relay Race, Actuation and Release Time, Characteristics of Electromechanical Relays, Dynamic Characteristics of Reed Relays, Merits And Demerits of Reed Relays, Contactors, Contactor starters for Motor, Rated characteristics of contactors, Tests on Contactors, Application, DC motor, Servo motor, Stepper motor, Induction motor, Applied Instrumentation in the Process Industries, Switch Gear Protection, Power Systems, Instrument Engineers’ Handbook, process parameter transmitter, Control valves, Control valve selection, control valve sizing, Pressure relieving devices, Parameter sensitive switches, Relay And Contactors, DC motor control, Servo motor control, Stepper motor control, Induction motor control. For details visit the website
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This Video will explain about the Working of a Circuit Breaker clearly with an animation. One could also witness what happens when a circuit fault occurs and how the circuit breaker trips.

Animation: Unknown. just used this animation for education purpose, and voiced over with my own content.

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