Nice Alarms photos


A few nice alarms images I found:

My alarm clock
Image by Fred Moore 1947
Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, CA

Tessellated Pavement
Image by Daniel Sallai
I was laying in my motel room when my alarm went at 5:00am yesterday morning then Bam! Thunder rattled the windows. I got excited and checked the radar to see where it was all going. Straight over my planned shot! My spine tingled as threw on my gear and ran the down to the beach. I heard a few more on the way but by the time I got there It’d stopped. Anyway a few shots in it started hammering down with rain and hail so I stood there frustrated covering my gear for a couple of mins and thankfully it eased up. Another couple of shots later it started again but this time even harder. Me and my gear where saturated and I was sick of cleaning my filters so I admitted defeat. I literally just finished packing up and as the rain was easing again I went to turn around then BAM! Right in the middle of my composition was a bolt of bloody lightning! I furiously unpacked and set up again hoping for another bolt but there was nothing. I stood in the poring rain for ages until it eventually cleared up and revealed a boring sky 🙁
This is one of my first shots. Still pretty awesome if you ask me thanks to the amazing location,. It looks like someone hand carved the entire shore line.

– Tessellated Pavement

365/215: Beep… Beep… Beep… Beep… Beep… Beep…
Image by riekhavoc
That’s the sound the alarm made at 3:45am, when Sara and I woke up to watch the sun rise on Cadillac Mountain. It’s the first place in the continental US to see the sunrise. So we woke up, drove up the mountain for about 20 minutes, and when we got to the top, we parked. It was pitch black. Then this car pulled up behind us, which was pretty freaky. Turned out it was this friendly lady who didn’t know where to go, so she asked us. We didn’t know either! But we figured it out, and we saw the beginnings of sunrise. Just a small red band in the sky. It was really pretty.

More and more people showed up to see the sunrise, since it was now about 4:45am, which is a perfectly reasonable time to show up for sunrise. As more people showed up, so did more clouds, and all of a sudden we were encased in clouds and couldn’t see the sunrise at all! None of it. So, Sara and I left, sad that we woke up for one small strip of red light, but no sunrise on the mountain.

As we descended the mountain, we noticed a lot of peopled pulled off to the side of the road. And then we saw it – sunrise! We just had to go down out of the cloud to be able to see it. And it was gorgeous! We got there right in time to see the whole thing.

Now, that’s the last time that I have my photo of the day done by 5:30am, I can guarantee!


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