the effect of flexible duckbill valve

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The role of flexibleDuckbill Valve : Commonly known as the flexible rubber duckbill valve discharge valve, back-pressure flexible check valve, duckbill check valve, rubber check valve, rubber check valve, rubber slow closing check valve. This product is made ​​of high quality elastic rubber material, built-in reinforced fiber material, under different conditions need to take a different structure and selection of different material formulations, according to a patented process elaborate, long life, easy installation. Factory subject to special hydraulic test bench testing, and to provide users with accurate test reports and performance curves. The valve does not have any active components, free of any maintenance. The valve can give straight pipe, flange pipe, concrete pipe, glass pipe support, the valve is widely used in coastal, beach, pier, reservoirs, municipal drainage, sewerage, can be described as environmentally friendly green valve that replaces shoot doors, gates , solve shoot the door easily sediment, silt, rocks, vegetation, marine life congestion. Duckbill valve features: 1.100% full rubber structure, can meet a variety of corrosion requirements (according to the actual needs, you can choose different rubber materials). (2) is not blocked, sealing well. 3 long life, trouble-free maintenance. 4 no moving parts and mechanical parts, no electrical and manual operation, no noise. 5 Small opening pressure greater than 0.01 m head of water can be opened. 6 Under normal conditions, the head loss can be reduced to a very small extent. 7 can transform a variety of installation form, in order to meet customer needs. 8 ease of installation, low cost, running cost is small. ” Duckbill valve Category: Flange duckbill valve, pipeline duckbill valve, built-in duckbill valve, suit-type duckbill valve, floor drain duckbill valve, aeration duckbill valve, scimitar duckbill valve.

Slip on duckbill valve Features:

Reliable backflow prevention

100% elastomeric construction eliminates maintenance

Will not corrode, warp or freeze open or shut

1″-2″ Cracking Pressure, Low Head loss

Custom built for each application based on pressure and flow conditions

Available in diameters from 1/2″ (12mm) to 14″

1. The inner diameters are matched to the pipe outer diameter on which installed.
2. The weight is approximate.
3. The dimensions are not integrated in the above table, contact Liangda for more information.
4. We can make duckbill valves with any inner diameters upon request.
5. PCS are the number of half part of the clamps
6. The usual material of the clamp is stainless steel 304, other material availble upon request.
7. Duckbill valves of dimensions in the above table are available in inventory. Any other dimensions and designs available upon request.