Israel And Hamas Proclaim To Swap Captured Soldier


According to Israeli newspapers, the most anticipating prisoner exchange is to be imminent. The news report says Israel and Hamas has announced on Tuesday that an Israeli soldier who was carried away to Gaza five years ago is now to be swapped for about 1,000 Palestinians held by Israel and accused of militant activity.

After three-hour debate on early Wednesday both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal have announced the deal by television which is approved by the Israel’s government and been celebrated as victory by both country.

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Israeli news report also says the captured Sgt. Gilad Schalit will be returned home within days and we will soon see him at home.

Hamas and Israel are bitter enemies. And during these consequences Hamas had sent dozens of suicide bombers into Israel, killing hundreds. And in that replay Israel also took large-scale attack in 2009 to stop daily rocket attacks and had killed more than 1,500 Gaza Palestinians since the soldier was captured. Well, this consequence is not same as it was before then, and the relationship between both countries is looking diminishing in somehow. But the deal of lopsided exchanges is now increasing criticism in Israel and creating a question of dishonesty which may recompense many more lives.

Now there is a built-in tension between the desires to return a kidnapped soldier and also tension about the security of the citizens of Israel, so in between people and the Israel government has found be confused and deprived.

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The news report also says agreeing to the deal, the Israel government has taken a fateful choice which unwontedly will increase the militant group of Hamas. According to the information from various news journals this has also come to know that Mashaal has said to release 1,000 male prisoners and 27 female ones at first swap deal next week and the next within two months.

Mashaal also said he is feeling sorry for thousands of remaining prisoners held by Israel and claims that Israel government is giving wrong information about prisoners held by Israel claiming about 5,000 prisoners whereas there around 8,000 prisoners are held by Israel in reality.

Well, the decision about the swap is driving both countries to atheism, so now the real thing is – what would be took place exactly after few weeks. Is Hamas will break their commitment or will remain silence forever! To find out please stay with us in every Israeli news updates.

Daniel Emma is an active newspaper writer. He has written many articles in a variety of Israeli newspapers and is currently covering online journals on Israeli news.

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