It’s Not Only Rich Teens That Have Smartphones

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It's Not Only Rich Teens That Have Smartphones
But from the start, we've heard a criticism that the program is ill-conceived because the target population doesn't have access to smartphones and tablets. It makes instinctive sense—disadvantaged populations can't afford pricey devices—and indeed it …
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10 best smartphones of 2016 so far
Now that the HTC 10 has been revealed in all its glory and we aren't likely to hear of any other new major phone releases until the end of the summer, it's time to announce my picks for the ten best smartphones to start 2016.
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Make In India : LG launches two new smartphones it will manufacture in India
A report in Deccan Chronicle states that at the launch event, the company unveiled the K7 and K10, its latest line of smart phones in unique glossy pebble design with advanced camera technology and UX features of LG's premium models. The K-Series …

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Of course smartphones are antisocial. That's why we like them
Pity. I think it was a good idea. Obviously I do see why many people hate the use of smartphones in cinemas. But, at the same time, I'm not one to rant about how antisocial smartphones are. Yes, of course they're antisocial. That's what makes them so …

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