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Jerusalem is often known as a disputed city and a lot of people treat it like the second Afghanistan. What they fail to realise is the inherent beauty of the place and the opportunity it offers to its visitors to explore and unravel the mysteries of this exquisite place. Between all the white stone buildings in the city, it is almost amazing to discover the diversity this city offers to its visitors.

The East Jerusalem is the Arab-populated part of Jerusalem. According to the Jewish, it is believed that Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son at the site of the Temple Mount and also, that Prophet Muhammad went to heaven from the very site. It is based on this faith that two other temples, the First and Second Temples, were constructed at the side of the Temple Mount. The Temple Mount consists of the golden-domed mosque that dominates the skyline of Jerusalem and also the Al-Aqsa mosque with a wall that separates the Temple and the Jewish Quarters. Greatly revered by followers, this is one the most sacred sites of Judaism. The quarters also contain various religious institutions, archaeological sites and museums.

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Many people are of the belief that God Almighty gave Jerusalem to Israel as an everlasting covenant and that God pronounced a curse upon those who curse Jerusalem. Also, God pronounced blessings on those who bless Jerusalem and it is believed that the return of the Lord and Saviour is directly related to Jerusalem.

However events in the Middle East are rapidly moving toward total chaos. Each of the countries that surround Israel-Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt-is in upheaval to some degree. The only matter on which all can agree is their hatred for Israel and the Jewish people.

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Jerusalem faces a national crisis of international proportions. It is time for God’s people to remember our Biblical heritage, recalibrate our moral compass of right and wrong to God’s way of thinking, and pray for salvation both in this world and the world to come.

While it is far too soon to predict how the turmoil in the Middle East will end, it is obvious that every eye on the world is trained on Jerusalem, waiting with question, expecting the latest information and news reports. Eyes worldwide are directed toward every place except the one that is most important–Jerusalem. There are questions on the minds of all the people across the world. Will the Islamic revolution in Egypt and other Middle East countries lead to democracy or to Armageddon? And this is where Jerusalem World News comes in.

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The Jerusalem World News provides expert opinion, analysis, and news about Israel and the Middle East. Based in Jerusalem, it is published five days a week, from Monday through Friday, with important breaking news added as events occur.

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worldnews Angry farmer ploughs over refugee camp settled on his land

worldnews Angry farmer ploughs over refugee camp settled on his land
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