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Kindle Fire is really an amazing e-book reading device that has made the reading too easy that increase the interest of reading among the users worldwide. Most of the users do not be able to have the latest technology on this tablet as they are not aware that how to have the update on their Kindle Fire. Anyways, to learn how to update Kindle Fire you need to go through the process shown here or you may also have the Kindle Fire tech support.

For the Quick update

This is actually a method of choice to every users because it can be easily handle by every users. However, to start this process you should first be sure that you have the Wi-Fi connection. Your Kindle Fire should be fully charged so that you do not get any interruption in making your installation. Once you completed all these process then just look at the upper right part of the tablet. Now look at the Quick setting icon and type there sync which will make you to update software that will start automatically you’re downloading in the back. Once the update is applied then you get downloading and your Kindle Fire is asleep.

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For the manual update

In the case if you want to update your Kindle Fire through the computer then you can easily do this. For going on this first of all you need to check what software your tablet is using so that your time could not get wasted. Just tap the quick settings icon just given on the right corner of your Kindle Fire. Now include your greedy site and then click on “more” and then finally tap “device”. This will make you able to see the version you are using. After going all these process you will come to know that you have the newer update or not.

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Now to proceed further you need to visit the Kindle Fire technical support pages for Kindle software update. While scrolling down you will see the list of the software for each of the kindle device. You will get the kindle software update as according to the version required. If you get the number higher than your device then there is update related to your device. Now make the click on the link and then start downloading. You can also make the call on the kindle fire tech support number to have the instant and effectual upgrading, if you do not feel it comfortable.

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Locate the file downloaded in your computer and then connect the Kindle Fire with the USB cable. Now you will get the device icon for your device on your computer. Just make the click on that icon and navigate the folder as the “Kindle updates”. Click and hold the update you have downloaded and then drag to the folder Kindle updates and paste there. Now disconnect your Kindle Fire from the computer.

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