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We watched a team of hackers 'fully compromise' a power company in less than
Standing outside the main office of a power company in the Midwest, a hacker known as metrofader pulls an employee's electronic badge out of his pocket and waves it at an outside sensor. The door unlocks, even though it's a fake card made with data …
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Only two artists to perform at 151st Ivies
“We've had extensive meetings with facilities and electrical and the grounds crew and athletics to talk about all the minute-by-minute details between Thursday and Sunday,” said Director of Student Activities Nate Hintze. “We always are tweaking it to …
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The council approved the contract just one month after officials unveiled a plan to put the space up for bid, hoping to spark more activity and generate revenue for the town coffers. “It's going … We need to do a fair amount of electrical work …
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