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Where on Earth are you?
This makes the visa a more powerful instrument of exclusion than the passport, which, in theory at least, offers the holder some protection. The visa is also a more intrusive contrivance, because …. It's the quantifying spirit of the Enlightenment …
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What it's like to be part of the biggest scientific discovery of the century
There are two LIGO instruments, one in Louisiana and one in Washington. And we work … There was just no way random noise could have caused such a loud, consistent signal between detectors that matched the expectation of general relativity so perfectly.
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The Bone Machine: Gum Takes Tooth Interviewed
These signals then pass into an instrument the band designed themselves allowing Jussi Brightmore to decide what they become; converting, tweaking and tailoring them to be realised as different sounds. Essentially everything that you hear is emanating …
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