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Lytro CEO admits competing with Canon, Nikon, and smartphones was a losing game
Building the "cameras of the future" doesn't necessarily mean that those cameras will actually have a future. In a very frank and straightforward assessment of Lytro's business posted on Backchannel, CEO Jason Rosenthal has tried to explain why his …
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Nikon adds Pulitzer winner, celebrity photographer to 'Ambassador' program
Four notable photographers are joining Nikon's Ambassador program. According to the company, “the newest additions…make significant contributions to their respective fields.” The list includes wildlife photographer Joel Sartore, who founded the Photo …
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Photographing a Concert With the Nikon D5
Canon and Nikon have always had their single digit models at the top level of performance. From the original D1, bringing a professional digital camera to the world that didn't require a separate backpack for a processor, to the D3, Nikon's first ever …
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Master your camera: using focus modes on your Nikon DSLR
Before we discuss the various focus modes on your Nikon DSLR, it's important to realise that there will always be times when the camera will struggle to achieve focus. Low- contrast and low-light scenes, for example, can cause the lens to whir …
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