LeBron’s 3-Point Shot Has Abandoned Him

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LeBron's 3-Point Shot Has Abandoned Him
We would actually expect James's conversion rate to be marginally better this year based on the distribution of his 3-point attempts by zone; he's shooting slightly more of the shorter, easier variety of 3s that reside in each corner of the court …
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Hands-On With the Xiaomi Mi5 – High-End at a Mid-Range Price
The values presented here are just estimates based on power measurements from the device's input charge power so there's likely some voltage converter inefficiency at play and more thorough measurements in the future may result in lower figures …
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Silver Standard reports fourth quarter and year-end 2015 results
Pirquitas also performed at the top end of guidance, driving total production to over 350,000 gold equivalent ounces at cash costs 11% lower than in 2014. We continued to invest in … (1) Data presented in this column is for the period April 1 to …
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