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Obviously, we all realize that 9 out of each 10 new Nigerian graduates will like to work in the Oil and Gas part if given the job opportunity. This pattern has been progressing for like ages. Furthermore, the significant bait has dependably been the disgusting pay rates and super delicious advantages which real organizations in the Oil & Gas segment are generally known to lavish on their employees.
Case in point, report demonstrates that high positioning Oil and Gas experts in the framework of senior staffs, directors and executives are procuring as much as N17,000,000 – N47,000,000 or considerably more every annum relying upon the sort of employment and organization in which they are found.
Be that as it may, on the other side, new participants are presently understanding that all Oil Companies are not conceived equivalent, and accordingly their compensation scales are never the same. Indeed, while one Oil Company may be paying up to N8,000,000 in yearly pay rates to its entry level worker, say in engineering department for instance, a comparable staff at the same level in another Oil Company may be getting a pay bundle that is underneath N3,000,000 every annum. (Albeit even this is thought to be an execute contrasted with what’s reachable in different segments, for example, assembling et cetera.)
It was against this background that we chose to figure out what the Oil Companies actually pay their workers in Nigeria, Port Harcourt to be precise. We researched eleven companies with focus on basic entry level salary scale. Below are our findings:
Upstream – Integrated Oil Companies (IOCs) in Exploration and Production (E&P)
* Total E&P Nigeria
Entry Level Salary: N7, 000,000 – N12, 000,000 / year Total is arguably the highest paying company in Nigeria today, with about 1700 employees.
* ExxonMobil
Entry Level Salary: N6, 000,000 – N10, 000,000 / year ExxonMobil, through her two upstream subsidiary companies, is the second largest oil producer in Nigeria, with a cumulative total of up to 4 million deep-water/shallow-water offshore acreage.
* Chevron Nigeria
Entry Level: N6, 000,000 – N9, 000,000 / year
Chevron is the third-largest oil producer in Nigeria with a daily production capacity of over 230,000 barrels of crude oil.
* Shell Nigeria
Entry Level: N3, 360,000 – N7, 800,000 / year
Shell Nigeria is the oldest and the largest oil producer in the country. It produces over 600,000 barrels per day (about 21% of Nigeria’s daily output) with about 6000 employees of which about 90% are Nigerian nationals, including its current MD.
Independent Upstream E&P / Multinational Oil Servicing Companies
* Aiteo Eastern E&P
Entry Level: N3,600,000 – N5,000,000 / year
Aiteo is an upwardly mobile Nigerian independent E&P company with ambitious interest in some of the world’s most significant basins.
* Schlumberger Nigeria
Entry Level: N3,600,000 – N6,000,000 / year
Schlumberger is a multinational E&P oilfield service provider specializing in technology, information and management solutions in both the midstream and upstream sub-sectors.
* Halliburton Nigeria
Entry Level: N3, 600,000 – 4,500,000 / year
Halliburton is a multinational upstream E&P service provider specializing in operational and reservoir solutions.
* Saipem Nigeria
Entry Level: N2, 400,000 – N4, 800,000 / year
Saipem Nigeria is subsidiary company of Italian oil giant.
* Seplat Petroleum
Entry Level: N2, 400,000 – N4, 800,000 / year
Seplat is a front line Nigerian independent upstream E&P company listed in both Nigeria and London stock exchange.
Indigenous IOC/ Downstream Companies
* Oando Group
Entry Level: N1, 800,000 – N4, 800,000 / year
Oando is Nigeria’s first IOC with annual revenue of $ 1.9 billion in as far back as 2010.
* Conoil
Entry Level: N1,800,000 – N3,600,000 / year
Conoil is an indigenous IOC with about 6 blocks in the Niger Delta and 25% Equity stake in the Block 4 of Joint Development Zone (JDZ)

Searching for a job is an exercise in marketing whereby the product must match the requirements that the buyer really wants. In other words, a lot of people wonder what can they do to get a well paid job in the field of Latest job vacancies in Nigeria you can bring to the table that will be of interest. Finding Oil and gas jobs in Nigeria

Oil War, 2005 – Nigeria is one of many developing countries to have discovered oil, and as is often the case, the rich get richer, and the poor suffer more than just loss of income.

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The kidnapping of four oil workers in the Niger Delta threatens to wreck havoc on the world’s already red hot oil market. We bring back two pertinent reports on Nigeria’s oil wars. Includes extensive interviews with militia leader, Asari.

Nigeria’s lucrative oil reserves may have enriched its politicians but they’ve brought little but misery to ordinary people. Now, a rebel group is fighting for a share of the profits. “I need help. I need help,” begs a woman, clutching her young children in despair. Her home has just been demolished to create luxury housing for foreign oil workers. “The oil boom has turned into the oil doom!” laments Pastor Lekia. Across the Niger Delta, there’s growing resentment at the oil industry. “Corruption pervades the whole place, starting with the way contracts are awarded,” complains lawyer Ledum Mittee. “There seems to be some sort of collusion between the oil companies and those in power.” But militia leader Asari Dokubo has vowed to sever that link. He’s fighting to seize control of the oil and give it back to the people. “We own the oil!” he proclaims. “The thieves are the people in Abuja.” And across Nigeria, young men are flocking to his call. Last September, he spooked the international markets and forced the price of oil to a barrel by threatening to attack foreign oil companies. The government was forced to agree a truce but he’s threatened to rearm unless oil companies leave. Nigerians no longer expect help from their own government. It’s militia leaders like Asari who are winning their trust.

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