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This a how to' book. make a massive difference in your life one day at a time. Each day you'll be presented with a thought provoking question, or quote, or activity or all three and then some and invited to make gentle changes to your life where you feel those changes might be needed. You'll want to have a journal to hand to write down those any actions and changes to your life arising out of those actions etc. This is yourself coaching’ partner that will help to give you great insight into who, what, where, why and how next.' You can work your way through the book from day one, through to day three hundred and sixty five, journaling as you go. Or you can tap into any part of the book as and when you might need some further insight into what's happening in your life at any given point. Would be great to share your Licence to Live journey with a trusted friend - how about telling them about it! The great thing aboutLicence to Live’ is that you can set up groups and work through some or all of the activities in a safe environment that you create. This companion will help take you to your next best level and help you answer some of the most fundamental questions impacting your life right now!

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