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Meet some of our boarding cats Live story
Image by Kerri Lee Smith I thought you might like to meet some of the cats I've worked with this past week. Clockwise starting from Pebble, the black cat in the upper left corner: 1. Pebble (black cat) - Pebble was hands-down the angriest cat I've ever encountered. If you just opened the door to the boarding ROOM, not the door to her cage, she would scream and lunge, and try to attack through her cage door. Go to Youtube and search "angry cats" and then multiply it by 10 and you'll have an idea of how much Pebble liked boarding. Remember how well Mel, our landshark, did when she was moved to another cage where she didn't see other cats?[email protected]/42353947421/in/datepos... I tried moving Pebble to that same, now-vacated, cage. She became the darling, friendly, two year old kitty I'm sure she is at home. 2. Skittles (white eyes) - He is the brother of Popcorn (who was euthanized shortly after her owner took her home from boarding). Skittles is blind from thick cataracts but is a mellow, trusting, sweet cat. It amazes me how well-adjusted some blind cats can be in unfamiliar surroundings. 3. Tony Stark (gray and white) - Remember him? He was the world's cutest kitten[email protected]/30217143234/in/album-7...). Now that he's two, he has forgotten how much we did for him before he could be adopted by a wonderful family and how much fun he had when he was our kitten. We had to drug him to trim his nails. 4. Fiero (unkempt ginger and white fur) - He came to us two weeks ago as an emergency appointment. His owners described him as "a little off". He was incredibly jaundiced and his liver enzymes were off the charts. This brought back heartbreaking memories of Willie so I didn't have high hopes for Fiero. After a week of intensive, invasive care, he was stable enough to leave the hospital - at least for long enough for his owners to get used to the idea he might not live long. Instead of taking him home, they decided to go to their beach house for a week and keep him with us. Our hearts all dropped. It's hard being responsible for a cat who's on the edge. He is a very sweet cat who likes to snuggle, until he doesn't. Last week he bit a pregnant vet pretty badly. 5. Sunny (large picture, long ear tufts) - I posted a large picture of him just so you would see that some of our boarders are young, handsome and trouble free. He really has no interesting boarding story. Sometimes the adage is true - the squeaky wheels get the grease. 6. Calvin (ginger cat) - A very sweet boy and, I hope he's plugging his ears, one of the least attractive cats I've seen. His owners asked us to check him for ticks while he was boarding. I checked and didn't find any. When I got home and looked at pictures of him I'd taken that day I noticed he had a strange freckle above his left eye and the eye rims looked a little red and inflamed. I tried enlarging the photo as much as I could and saw it was a suspicious looking freckle. I emailed the picture to the vet that evening and the next day she removed a tick! Taking pictures at the end of a very long day paid off. 7. Gizmo (gray coat) - He's our oldest boarder - he's almost 22. He's sort of a typical grumpy old man - he sleeps constantly, grumbles about being woken up and wets his bed. However, he's not on any medication, he eats well and when I put him on the floor to clean his bedding he walks around pretty sprightly. 8. Kitty Clyde (ginger cat with white chin) - He is a first-time boarder and was dropped off by two young women (19ish - 24ish). They wanted to put him in his cage to make sure he was nice and comfy. Well, he screamed his head off and they cried their eyes out. It was pretty awful. Four hours after dropping him off they called to see if he had calmed down (no). They called overnight to see if he had calmed down (no). They called the next day to see if he had calmed down (no) - it's hard to keep coming up with ways to say "no" that don't freak out the owners but are essentially true. Finally he did calm down. I took a picture of him relaxed on his bedding and sent it to his owners. They were thrilled beyond belief and quit calling for updates! A happy ending for all involved. Sorry this was so long and I hope you felt free to stop reading (or not even start) but I find animal behavior very interesting and thought some of you might too.

The Recital of Almighty God's Word "The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything" Live story
Image by maltzevans The Recital of Almighty God's Word "The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything" Almighty God says, "How many creatures are there living and reproducing in the vast expanse of the universe, following the law of life over and over, adhering to one constant rule. Those who die take with them the stories of the living, and those who are living repeat the same tragic history of those who have died. And so mankind can’t help but ask itself: Why do we live? And why do we have to die? Who is in command of this world? And who created this mankind? Was mankind really created by Mother Nature? Is mankind really in control of its own fate? … For thousands of years mankind has asked these questions, over and over again. Unfortunately, the more that mankind has become obsessed with these questions, the more of a thirst he has developed for science. Science offers brief gratification and temporary enjoyment of the flesh, but is far from sufficient to free mankind of the solitariness, loneliness, and barely-concealed terror and helplessness deep within his soul. Mankind merely uses scientific knowledge that the naked eye can see and the brain can comprehend to anesthetize his heart. Yet such scientific knowledge cannot stop mankind from exploring mysteries. Mankind does not know who is the Sovereign of all things in the universe, much less does he know the beginning and future of mankind. Mankind merely lives, perforce, amidst this law. None can escape it and none can change it, for among all things and in the heavens there is but One from everlasting to everlasting who holds sovereignty over everything.” from The Word Appears in the Flesh

Structural live fire training Live story
Image by sfkjr

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