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You are a true believer in the sport of football. You live, eat and breathe everything to do with the sport. You buy uniforms, have posters plastered everywhere possible and are constantly referring to various places for UEFA football news, statistics and any kind of information you can get. There are 3 main ways to obtain this “critical” information. Which one you choose will vary depending on time and place.

## Football on Television

Television is nowadays the traditional form of media for getting your UEFA cup team news. Being that it is the primary medium of viewing the game for millions of fans worldwide, it is a natural source of UK football results and more in-depth information and current events surrounding the game, the business and the entertainment industry aspects as well.

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The Internet has in some ways overtaken television as a way to obtain information. The visual element of the tube is still dominant though. It also serves as a social focal point, a way for families and friends to get along and have fun together.

## The Web

Whether used as a source of headline news or UEFA football news, the Internet is the most commonly utilized medium for info and news. It’s the fastest growing technology for the dissemination of information and even watching the game, as one can now login to various websites to view Internet feeds of broadcasts, no matter where you are.

It does not matter where in the world you are, you will always be able to easily keep track of daily news, delivered by the Internet, regarding your local clubs and related info. Just a few years ago you would need to find an English newspaper that carried the results that you wanted to check up on. This was not always available. Now from the comfort of your hotel, Internet cafe or even with the extreme convenience of your mobile phone you can have complete access to all the information you have at home – even video highlights of last night’s game!

## Magazines and Newspapers

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Often times you just want to sit back with your cup of coffee in the morning, pick up a newspaper and read the latest football news. The Internet for some is too sterile, too anonymous and the newspaper is a more local, tangible media for receiving information and commentary on sports news. Here you also have the opportunity to follow your favourite writers and editorialists when they are literally hot off the presses and into your hands.

The struggle is on for print publications to connect with their readers. Yet they continue to work hard on behalf of the loyal and passionate football fans, presenting news and information in ever changing, yet traditional ways.

Today there is no difficulty in finding pertinent UEFA football news, whether on air, the Net or in print.

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