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Adults now in their 50’s, approaching retirement, or already enjoying an active retirement have rejected the ideas that aging is a dreaded event that must be halted. Instead, many plan to live long and well even as they face the many challenges that this stage of life presents, which includes managing their own health and possibly the health of aging parents. Living Agelessly: Answers to Your Most Common Questions About Aging Gracefully teaches readers how to grow older with style and elegance. Written by Linda Altoonian, whose syndicated Dear Ageless column served as the basis for the book, Living Agelessly helps readers prepare for greater comfort and enjoyment while dealing with the practical issues of daily life. Mature adults will learn how to Stay healthy Exert greater control over their lives Achieve financial stability and prepare for retirement Enjoy a retirement filled with rewarding activities Foster and nurture family relationshipsLiving Agelessly provides the latest information on achieving and maintaining optimal health and offers practical advice on creating a secure and enjoyable retirement. The extensive resource list is a great starting place to find a wide variety of useful information. The listed books, agencies, organizations, and websites will be a valuable resource for anyone planning a long, fulfilling, and well-balanced life.

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