Measurement Instruments: The Integral Part Of Engineering

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The instrumentation is a very important part of engineering. In almost every sphere of life, we need calibration and measurement of the quantity. The term measurement is basically defined as a comparison of an unknown quantity with a known standard quantity. The whole of the engineering based upon the calculation and measurement of quantities in order to offer proper functionality in the process control engineering.

In order to measure different quantities wide array of instruments are available in the market. These contain one standard measuring scale. Using this standard scale, the unknown quality is measured and the results are calibrated.

There are several measuring instruments available in the market. These are used to measure different things. One such instrument that is used to measure area is Digital Planimeter. It is an instrument that is used to measure the area of the two dimensional irregular surfaces. It basically comprises of the roller and two arms. One of the arm is fixed. When the measurement takes place, then the roller changes its scale. This scale is calibrated against the standard reading in order to get the exact measurement.

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The working principle of Digital Planimeter is simple. It works on the green theorem. As per the different theories in mathematics, the integral calculus is used in order to measure surface area of the irregular surfaces. So, the same principle is applied in this. In this, the green theorem is used for the measurement of the area. According to this theorem, the area of the irregular 2D shapes is calculated by adding up the integrating areas of different segments of the shapes.

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Digital Planimeter manufacturers are offering their instruments to the industry as well as to the colleges and institutes. They develop their products strictly in accordance with the norms of the industry in order to offer error free measurement.

With every measuring instrument certain error is associated. So, the manufacturers are putting their best efforts in order to offer error free operation. As these instruments are used to measure the area, so the slight error will result in a big error. In order to offer accurate measurement, the Digital Planimeter manufacturers are also testing their instruments.

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In addition to this, the manufacturers also provide user manual along with their instruments. This is being done so that users don’t find any difficulty in using these. Apart from this, they also use premium quality raw materials while manufacturing their products so as to offer durability, reliability & long operating life. These instruments are specially manufactured as per international guidelines in order to offer flawless operation.

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