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Flow meters safe and secure liquid management!

Piusi is established in the year 1953as a pump manufacturer. The aim of Piusi has been to offer solutions and not simply a product and this has prompted to aggravate research and design in the specific fields. The company started its research and designing in the field of fuel transfer and measurement, lubricant transfer and measurement and pumps and compressors for agriculture. These have made Piusi the market leader in these products. The company’s constant growth started with these developments. It became dependable and manufactured easy to use products. Its innovative solutions combining with high performance, durability and competitive pricing has made it the most trusted company. Piusi was always attentive to market demands and requirements. It has a streamlined organizational setup with professional experts. The company has best reliability and relationship with the customers.

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Flow meters help transfer of liquid!

A low flow meter is an instrument used to measure linear, non linear, mass or volumetric flow rate of a liquid or gas. When choosing a flow meter you have to consider intangible factors regarding the familiarity of plant personal, their experience etc. The basis of good low flow meter selection is the understanding of the application. Hence firstly you have to evaluate the nature of the fluid and overall installation. First you have to determine the flow rate information is to be continuous or totalized and whether the information is required locally or remotely. Flow can be measured in a variety of ways. Positive-displacement flow meters accumulate a fixed volume of fluid and then count the number of times the volume is filled to measure flow. Other flow measurement methods rely on forces produced by the flowing stream as it overcomes a known constriction, to indirectly calculate flow. Flow may be measured by measuring the velocity of fluid over a known area.

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Measurement of gas and liquid made accurate!

The turbine flow meter translates the mechanical action of the turbine rotating in the liquid flow around an axis into a readable rate of flow. The turbine wheel is set in the path of a fluid stream. The flowing fluid impinges on the turbine blades, imparting a force to the blade surface and setting the rotor in motion.

Turbine flow meters are used for the measurement of natural gas and liquid flow. The flow direction is generally straight through the meter, allowing for higher flow rates and less pressure loss than displacement type meters. Turbine meter bodies are commonly made of bronze, cast Iron, or ductile iron. Fire meters are a specialized type of turbine meter with approvals for the high flow rates required in fire protection.

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Fire hydrant meters are a specialized type of portable turbine meter that are attached to a fire hydrant to measure water out of the hydrant. The meters are normally made of aluminum to be light weight. Utilities often require them for measurement of water used in construction, pool filling, or where a permanent meter is not yet installed.

The above Description is regarding the flow meters used for transfer of liquids. Piusi is a reputed manufacturer of fuel transfer equipment and is the market leader in these products. The low flow meter ensures accurate and safe transfer of liquid. Turbine flow meter translates mechanical action into human readable format.

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