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Customized electrical transformers are meant for reducing loss in electricity distribution from power plants (or power houses) to colonies and industrial establishments for effective power management

Power, indeed is the most vital factor when you sit to make any business decisions. If there is inefficient power supply the industries are bound to suffer. The manufacturing industry is set to suffer the most as lack of power renders labor force sit idle. There are multifarious losses to the project.

Household consumers also have to bear the brunt of power shortages. Reports have indicated major crisis is due to “inefficient power management”. Low-quality transformers add to the problem woos. This is where high quality electrical transformers can play their role in “Effective power management” the major focus resting on minimizing “Electricity loss” during its distribution.

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How Voltages are Managed by Electrical Transformer

Electrical transformers are equipped with high-resistance insulating material. These transformers are utilized for the purpose of converting electrical power into its different forms. The most common conversion is from higher voltage to lower voltage thereby making it suitable for household uses. Transformers use magnets to carry out this operation. These magnets induce energy between the winding coils leading to conversion of higher voltage into lower voltage.

Change occurs the Current

The cores of transformers are usually made up ferromagnetic coils. These are also referred to as windings. With the current changes in windings, magnetic field is generated. This magnetic field is afterwards multiplied with secondary windings. This results in creation of a new voltage in every single, non-primary coil.

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Two Phases of Configuration

The newly formed configuration generally has two-phases; viz.

Single phase configuration

Three phase configuration

Both of these phases are reflected in the output, AC or DC sources.

Types of Cores in an Electrical Transformer

There are two types of cores that an electrical transformer can have. Toroidal and Laminated;

When the core is designed in the form of a core around circular coil it is toroidal core. In this type of coil magnetic flux is not transmitted outside of coil. This type of core is highly efficient.

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Some electrical transformers can also have laminated cores that have laminated steel. These cores are insulated with high quality materials that do not implement varnishing. This helps in reducing the loss of electricity.

Most common electrical transformers are usually high voltage transformers. In high voltage transformers you have to manage everything from distribution, isolation, control as well as its instrumentation. Some transformers, however, also require implementation of induction principles. While choosing a right transformer it is necessary that you consider various factors of loading, capacity, area, prevailing conditions etc.

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