Monster Slam: One

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Monster Slam: One

Collection of four short erotic speculative fiction stories by Riley Owens which cross boundaries. Warning: these short stories are for adults over the age of 18. They contain graphic sex scenes, forced sex fantasy, reluctant sex, alien sex, ejaculation, anal sex, and storylines that may offend. All characters are over 18. This volume includes All Over Me Lisa Min is a renowned biochemist and has created in her lab a new artificial life designed to serve. Little does she know she will be serviced beyond her wildest erotic dreams-if she wants it or not. Claiming the Treasure Talia is a young warrior and lone survivor of a quest for a powerful talisman. She is only one more chamber away from her freedom, from claiming the treasure all for herself. However young Talia has one more challenge to overcome, and it will take her to the edge of sanity as the slime monster claims its due. Bigfoot Bukkake Eighteen year-old pledge Chelsea Glendale heads out with her sorority sisters for some quality girl time in the great outdoors. She is expecting a night of drinking, gossip, and maybe even the odd pillow fight. What she discovers on the night of the full moon is that the woods should come with a warming: When you get in touch with Nature, sometimes Nature touches you back. Slammed by the Satyr On a long, hot Greek holiday, two college students, Bonnie and Emma go cycling to the top of an isolated hill. However, this is a magical place, where ancient rituals were performed, and some of that magic lingers. The satyr is waiting for them, ready to teach them some even more ancient activities.

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