A Short Overview Of The Career Diplomat Program Through IRBr

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Created in 1945, the Rio Branco Institute of Brasilia, Brazil, has provided the Preparation Course for Diplomatic Careers since March 1946. IRBr recently celebrated its’ 50th anniversary as a vital component of the quality of diplomatic service that is provided by Brazil throughout the world. An individual wishing to join the Diplomatic Corps must complete the program and pass the National Examination successfully.

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The complete program will take two years to complete and, when you have successfully completed the Graduation and Improvement Program you will have earned the equivalent of a Masters Degree in Diplomacy. To begin your diplomatic career in Brazil, you must first take and pass the IRBr Entrance Examination which is given once each year. The announcement for this examination is usually posted in October or November prior to the exam. To qualify for the examination you must have completed an undergraduate program with a focus on diplomacy and have all necessary documents in order.

The course of study PROFA-I is a career-oriented training which is provided to students to assure that they are able to participate confidently and successfully in international relations. This program is updated as changes to policy and tasks are adjusted so that all individual in the Diplomatic Corps are kept current on protocol, policy, and information.

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During your first year of studies, the primary focus will be on reviewing and evaluating your prior diplomatic knowledge. There will be forty weeks spent working in several disciplines that fall into one of three categories. You will be studying Diplomatic Concepts, Languages, and Career-Oriented Studies.

The second year of study will focus on development of professional skills. You will spend morning honing your diplomatic skills in meetings with heads of departments and training in Itamaraty’s administration techniques. Your afternoons will be spend working as a trainee off-site. Toward the end of the second year you will work at a consulate abroad.

In addition to your training and study, the end of your 2nd year will bring a complete evaluation and review of your study and progress. Students who have proven themselves to be viable candidates for a career in diplomacy will be recommended for confirmation in the Foreign Service.

When you have completed the two years of training, the National Examination will be the next challenge that you will face. The examination is completed in five phases. However, you must successfully pass the Pre-Selection Examination to compete in the other 4 phases of the examination.

You will be tested in both English and Portuguese during Phase 2 of the examination. This Language test will be very important for your overall success. Phase three of the exam is composed of six tests that is conducted both in written form and orally. The tests consist of Contemporary International Relations, English, Geography, History, Notions of Economics, and Notions of Law.

In Phase 4 you will receive a Physician and Psychological evaluation; and, Phase 5 will include an Application in the Graduation and Improvement Program.

After passing the Examination, will start your career as a 3rd Secretary. Training continues through the Post of Counselor through the Diplomats’ Improvement Course (CAD). Once this training is completed, you are promoted to Second to the First Secretary and the Higher Studies Course (CAE) begins. When this program has been completed the next step is Counselor to Second Class Minister.

Through the efforts of the IRBr, you will be provided with the wide education and skills that are required to participate effectively in the Diplomatic Corps. You will enjoy an career that will be an adventure, challenge, and test your knowledge and skills on a regular basis. Once you have passed the National Examination and begun your career, you will be in the company of a group of people who are dedicated and impassioned in their jobs and work diligently to provide the best service to the people and Country they represent.

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