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Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary
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Image by NOAA’s National Ocean Service
Diving and snorkeling continue to be popular recreation activities, including here at Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary off the coast of Georgia. NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuary System includes habitats such as rocky reefs, lush kelp forests, deep-sea canyons, and underwater archaeological sites that offer many recreational opportunities for visitors.

America’s Great Outdoors: Discover NOAA’s Sanctuaries and Reserves

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(Original source: National Ocean Service Image Gallery)

Tate Modern – Tribute to a Decade. 2010 by Stephen B Whatley
, Cool National News images
Image by Stephen B. Whatley
© Stephen B Whatley

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Tate Modern – Tribute to A Decade. 2010 – the latest painting by Stephen B Whatley; painted on location,on the10th Birthday of London’s modern art gallery. Full story below….

Tate Modern celebrates its tenth anniversary this year.

Britain’s national museum of international modern art in London ( including Picasso, Matisse Lichenstein, Rothko ,& Warhol) is housed in what was originally Bankside Power Station. The Power Station was built in two stages between 1947 and 1963; before closing in 1981.

It re-opened as Tate Modern on May 12, 2000 ; and on this date a decade later – the 10th birthday – Expressionist artist Stephen B Whatley set up on location on the South Bank of the River Thames, to mark the anniversary by painting a vibrant interpretation in oils – capturing the vast building and its moods throughout the day.

On a day of ever-changing skies and freezing winds, the artist ‘scaled’ the soaring structure; painting from his heart and soul; expressing every sensation through the colour and dynamism he instinctively sees and feels through his art.

Stephen was humbly grateful for the public appreciation; including applause from international groups of visitors who had just visited the gallery.

Since the early 1990s Stephen B Whatley has celebrated special and historic anniversaries of London’s architectural landmarks by painting on location around the city. In 1997 he painted St Paul’s Cathedral ( that can be seen from Tate Modern; across the river) in its Tercentenary year ( private collection, London) and the Tate Gallery (now Tate Britain) in its Centenary Year (exhibited at Christie’s, London; now in a private collection, Hong Kong).

Amongst his many other works made on location are commissions for the BBC (1992- 2001), Buckingham Palace (1999) and a series of 30 paintings for the Tower of London (2000). The Tower works have themselves become part of the public London cityscape, further along the river; reproduced permanently throughout Tower Hill Walkway, the main entrance portal to Her Majesty’s Tower of London.

The work of Stephen B Whatley has been the subject of many press features including The Guardian, New York Times & TIME magazine.

In 2006, Stephen B Whatley (1965-) was listed in David Buckman’s celebrated dictionary, Artists in Britain Since 1945 (Volume 2; published by Art Dictionaries Ltd) – the most comprehensive source of biographical information about artists working in Britain in the past 60 years.

Tate Modern: Tribute to A Decade. 2010
Oil on canvas, 40 x 30in/102 x 76cm