Is Your Citizenship in Heaven

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Each day, as a Christian, I am faced with the task of discerning the days I am in. As an American, I am daily confronted with the decline of our nation, at the hands of both political parties.

I grieve for my nation daily, as the new norm becomes one that has sunk further in depravity, hopelessness, and despair. Yet, I cannot dwell on these things. Why? Because my citizenship is elsewhere, as is my allegiance.

Now, this is not some declaration of disloyalty to the USA. I am still obliged to abide by its laws, pay my taxes, and be subject to the governing authorities. Paul more than makes that clear in his letters. He was writing from Rome, so I am guessing he knew a little bit about corrupt societies, and their officials. He still made the statement.

My citizenship is elsewhere, means exactly that: My sonship and calling is from above, through Christ Jesus. I am an ambassador of heaven, to the earth. Many times that means that it causes a logical conflict: The argument of self-interest vs. the interests of the kingdom of God.

It’s a hard pill to swallow. When I want to bewail the fate of America, I have to look at what that accomplishes in the grand scheme of things. Yes, I can pray for our leaders, our government, the people of the USA. If they choose a different course than what God dictates, I can do nothing more. I can speak for righteousness, but if no one listens, it is of very little comfort.

With that in mind, one has to look at what God has foretold about the world system. We can clearly see it falling apart, from man-made structures, like the stock market, to organic structures like fault lines and geological plates.

Wars and rumours of war have begun to reach our ears, with the revolutions taking place in Africa, war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and civil unrest becoming an everyday thing in South and Central America.

I believe that we are approaching the time where, according to scripture, “men’s hearts fail them for fear, because of the things coming upon the earth.” Is it because bad things are happening in America that I feel this way? I have to say, that honestly, I would be lying if I didn’t say that it has an impact as to how I view the times.

However, the most important timpiece of civilisation as a whole, is Israel. When I look at how nations, even my own, are departing from support of Israel, I find ample support for my suspicions that what was foretold in John’s vision of the Apocalypse(Unveiling) of Jesus Christ, is about to come to pass.

Israel has been abandoned to the point, that the only friend they will have left is God. And this is the timepiece. My nation is a part of Biblical prophecy, in the sense that we, by electing a leader who is in the process of abandoning Israel, are abandoning Israel as a nation.

The United States has been Israel’s closest friend, in the natural sense of the word. Once all of her friends have left her, the only one left to love this nation is God.

What does that mean? Very soon, Christ Jesus, who was died, buried, and rose again, will come again for his saints, and to set up His government upon the earth. He will set nature, government and the heavens at harmony with each other, and take his place as rightful King of the Earth.

I am a citizen of Heaven. I will rule and reign with Him on the earth. Not because I am a good person. Not because I have been particularly compassionate or kind. Because of the blood that he shed for our sins, on the cross, and my acceptance of that fact.

I don’t have to depose the kings of the earth. I don’t have to be violent. I just have to accept the sacrifice of Jesus, and what he has done for me on the cross. Will you do that? Do you want to be forgiven for the things you have done on this earth? Humble yourself, and ask Jesus to be your king. Let your citizenship be elsewhere, so that you are not subject to the confines and dictates of this earth, and the whims of nations.

Kurt Hartman came to know Jesus at a very early age. He asks that you accept Christ as your Savior as well. In his regular job, he sells OTR Tires, at
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