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Karl Marx (1843) termed religion as the opium of the masses but its grip on the society is yet to

let lose. Religion has a bearing on the society, with renewed vigor and one can rightly say that it

has found a new edge. Friction due to religion is a rampant problem. Islamic radicalization has

emerged as the new phase of religious bigotry. Islamic groups such as the Al Shabaab, Islamic

State, Boko Haram, and the Al Kaeda have emerged as a threat to global arrangement. Hegel

(1837) said that the substance of spirit is to be free. He demonstrates how the spirit ascends to

the state. So, a society is a collection of spirits. This means that is spirits differ within this

collection, then there is bound to be a conflict of interest. This conflict is conspicuous in religion.

George Orwell (1946) infamously said that some animals are more equal than others. This trail

of thought is evident in the case of the political strands in the societies. Napoleon ruled the

animal farm as undisputed as Shakespeare ruled the world of poetry. He used Squealer as his

mouthpiece as Orwell (1945) demonstrates. Politicians have the tendency of bending rules to

suit their status. Plato (380 BC) explained that the reason for being governed by inferior minds is

because of the refusal to participate in politics. The biggest political problem is the lack of a

collective political goodwill. Those who have the power to change the situation do so on the

sidelines. Politicians then end up taking advantage of their governed because of being corrupt by


Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1755) said that education and intelligence of children is more important

to the state than to the fathers. A nation that has many of its citizens wallowing in the miasma of

ignorance is leading a dangerous path; more dangerous than Typhon was to the Greek gods. Such

a nation lacks innovative minds which a nation needs in order to propel itself to economic

heights. Ignorance may seem like the easier option, much easier than taking a child to school and

paying for it but it is the recipe for the bitter roots of ethnic bigotry which is even more costly.

As Aristotle (350 BC) says, education has bitter roots but its fruits are worth it. Ignorance

exposed the society badly to aliens who have introduced new methods of doing things. Aliens

tend to take advantage of the situation leaving those who belong to the society in question

stranded in their ignorance. This leads to xenophobic tensions.

Social problems are diverse. They touch on all aspects of human existence. In religion, there is

disintegration characterized by radicalization; in politics, there is shortchanging by political leads

to their subjects; in education, there is a great divide that makes a nation or society prone to

exploitation by aliens. All these are social problems that crop up from a social setting. Their cure

is therefore a social one. The only way to counter something is to introduce something else of the

same nature but indifferent to the thing in question. If in politics, a political solution is needed

but such a solution has to be indifferent to the problem and so on.

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