Skilling solutions for Kenya’s construction and engineering sectors

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A survey conducted by a leading construction firm says that by 2025, the worldwide volume of construction output will grow by more than 70% reaching a whopping $ 15 trillion!

The survey also says that a significant growth in the construction industry will emerge from markets in China, India, Africa and Indonesia.

Kenya, one of the most promising South African countries, has realized the need to set up joint academies with the vocational skills & corporate training companies to train its youth for the construction and engineering sectors, which are likely to see immense growth in the coming years.

Several leading training companies have begun to impart vocational & corporate training in Kenya, with programs in masonry, electrical services, and plumbing. Many of these programs typically last for 6 to 8 weeks and up skill the participants for the construction and engineering sectors. A typical program in masonry is likely to introduce the participants to the physical inspection of the basic building materials, appropriate use of masonry tools, construction of all types of brick walls with corner and T-junction, and safety practices and first-aid sensitization. A course in the electrical services, on the other hand, would familiarize the participants in the optimal and safe use of electrical tools, measurement of electrical units and electrical components, electrical wire, joints and connections, crimping and soldering, and repair of all types of electrical home appliances such as TV sets, fridges, and washing machines.

A plumbing program is likely to help the participants familiarize with the usage of plumbing tools, materials and cementing & wall-fitting. The purpose of these courses is to make the unemployed youth or school dropouts readily available for the construction and engineering sectors of Kenya which are likely to experience significant growth in the coming future, and thus would require plenty of skilled manpower for their projects.

To promote vocational & corporate training in Kenya , the government and the training companies require the youth to possess the basic education; they can easily enroll for a course of their choice and learn the skills that would help them get a job in an industry of their choice.

Like Kenya, the rest of African countries have also begun to wake up to the need of promoting vocational skills among their youth. The youth is increasingly showing enthusiasm to learn vocational skills in Africa which is a good sign for the continent that wishes to make its presence felt in the global affairs and development.

Vocational & corporate training in Kenya has gotten better and more effective with time. The youth is increasingly taking up these courses to enhance its employability quotient. For more on this and how you too can learn vocational education in Africa, please read our other articles.

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