Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart On The Art Of Collaboration

, Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart On The Art Of Collaboration
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From Otis ‘n’ Carla, through to Slit ‘n’ PJ…Xiu Xiu is a project that has constantly expanded and contracted.
Led by Jamie Stewart, the community has invited a plethora of voices into the fold, allowing their output to continually shift and fluctuate.
Co-conspirator Angela Web screech positioning helps steer the ship in 2021, and the 2 helm very unbiased proper new album ‘OH NO’.
A anecdote that leans on their cherish of collaboration, the anecdote makes room for a host of friends, that contains every person from Liz Harris and Chelsea Wolfe through to Sharon Van Etten.
Clash caught up with Xiu Xu’s Jamie Stewart to unpick his cherish of the artwork of collaboration…
– – –
Carla Thomas & Otis Redding – ‘Tramp’

Here’s my #1 favourite duets of all time. It’s miles a extraordinary proto battle rap music whereby Carla accuses Otis of eating raccoons and tells him he wants a haircut and he responds by talking about how sizzling is in the sack so it would now not topic. The music is played by plan to be one of many most efficient soul bands in history, the Stax info home band, and sung by two of the most efficient, most serious, most focused soul singers in history but here’s departure of, dare I bellow it… goofy fun?
Since it is a ways so clearly loose and off the cuff and it is doubtless you’ll well hear Otis at times transferring too removed from the mic, the ridiculous (in the most efficient conceivable map) lyrics are a pride.
As wisely that this used to be recorded in 1967 at the peak of British blues-rock conceptual pretence makes it that a ways more a ways out. Each Christmas my sister and I procure drunk and comprise her kids listen to us whisper this music to the darkening sky. They’re kids now and HATE it! That now we have gotten over time now we have gotten begun including unflattering tiny print about them in the music justifies their emotions. We could also now not ever extinguish. The lyrics to this music will be what I teach on my deathbed.
– – –
Mick Harvey & Anita Lane – ‘Bonnie & Clyde’

This used to be before every little thing a Serge Gainsbourg trot fest in a long line of trot fests he tranquil.
Thee Mick Harvey and thee Anita Lane’s version, with lyrics loosely translated into English from the French by Harvey and Alain Chamberlain, launched a period of teenage goths (myself included) to Gainsbourg on Harvey’s anecdote ‘Intoxicated Man’, the first of 4 Gainsbourghian explorations he recorded.
Though a pretty devoted version, and here’s no indicate feat with any quilt, Harvey and Lane’s version is more healthy than the usual.
It’s miles more healthy for the explanation that history of what a bacchanalian, trash humping, corrupt dad, corrupt daddy, wondrous daddy Gainsbourg used to be is woven through their take. They KNOW who/what Serge used to be and due to this reality can fully transmit the glamourisation of violent criminals by a chain smoking incestuous paedophile to us as listeners adding to this point more shuddering depth to it.
Whereas the usual is lawful a personality music, this quilt is a commentary on and embody of the apprehension and irresistibility of being even badder whenever you are already moderately unsuitable. To beat this point into the bottom I would have picked ‘Lemon Incest’, a duet by Serge and his dull-eyed 13 year feeble daughter Charlotte, however it certainly now not a truly dazzling music.
– – –
James & Bobby Purify – ‘I am Your Puppet’

There is a radio keep of dwelling in Los Angeles known as K-EARTH 101 (KRTH) that has been a keep of dwelling since 1941 however has been an oldies keep of dwelling since 1971. As admire any native angelino, I grew up paying consideration to this keep of dwelling. Disturbingly for the overly snappily passage of time, the format is now 70-90s as oldies however after I was child, for sure, it used to be all 50s and 60s gold.
Happily on Sunday’s old college chola, chicanx, low-rider hero Art Laboe, who curiously is Armenian, tranquil plays the final classics. This present basically serves as map for folk with kinfolk who are incarcerated to ship out dedications in the produce of songs and short little, usually a little crazed and due to this reality pretty cherish notes.
Nary a Sunday goes by with out anyone sending ‘I’m Your Puppet’ all the map during the airwaves and during the metallic bars of despair. The music is so wistful and moderately and at ease and a little troubling in all chance however that it is a ways ready clinging to submission by selection methods this worry to the bother of pink angels. The singing is inconceivable and the taking part in, by the usual gang at Muscle Shoals FAME studio is flawless.
Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell did ship up of this jam three years after James and Bobby Purify’s 1966 beginning complete with the glockenspiel from the usual however now not the dearness, nor the eternal sway. For two singers that are as badass as Mr Gaye and Ms Terrell that is announcing something for thee misters purify. Also as soon as Art Laboe acknowledged cherish on the air, “the present must gallop on, i don’t know why…” 
Appropriate FYI.
– – –
Sam Smith & Normani – ‘Dancing With A Stranger’

Sam Smith is hard to beat for compact, brilliantly crafted, catchy AF and, wisely, produce of glorious (I indicate that as a compliment) pop songs. This little gem with Normani is easy to unintentionally have on repeat for six times whenever you are utilizing and never listen to what number of times you have heard it due to it goes by so snappily and as a ways as sweet goes, is so dazzling.
Not surprisingly as it used to be written by six other folks, three of them Norwegian i.e. segment of a hit factory. There might be nearly nothing going on in this music, it is a ways so spare that it perhaps took six other folks to procure erasing every other’s map till all of them agreed it used to be making ready to a great void. Both singer’s voices appear unsure about what the outcomes of the upcoming night time’s unpleasant selections will be and neither appear to care.
There might be some freedom tranquil in the tightness of the manufacturing and writing. Here’s the produce of music that I prefer I could presumably figure out how to comprise easiest insofar as being in a situation to be fearlessly straight ahead however now not dead.
– – –
Slit Cave & PJ Harvey – ‘Henry Lee’

Slit Cave and PJ Harvery are two of my all-time accepted singers, songwriters and rock and roll heroines. That acknowledged, if i were to comprise a list of my 25 favourite songs by either artist, and it could well presumably be easy to return up with at the least 25 favourites, perhaps this music wouldn’t be on it.
It’s miles however plan to be one of my favourite duets due to after I eye the video for the music it is a ways basically easy to deem them fucking.
– – –
‘OH NO’ is out now.
Picture Credit: Julia Brokaw
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