Whiteout 2




Whiteout 3
Whiteout is the third action-packed adventure book in the Misadventures of Sarah Davies, and it’s filled with all the action and excitement of the previous books. It’s the week of the first winter break in Sarah’s college year and she and her cousin, Meagan, are in North Dakota with Brad and Ali visiting Brad’s cousin, Holly. They will attend a formal celebration with her fiancé, Ryan on Friday night, but before that the teens will have several days to spend outdoors enjoying winter sports. They set out on the first morning for a venture of cross-country skiing. The day is sunny with clear skies and it gives Sarah a bit of peace from the haunting dream that she had the night before where she was trapped in a horrifying snow storm and buried alive. The day starts out with fun and laughter but it soon turns into a nightmare when Holly’s father doesn’t arrive at the destination point to pick them up and the weather takes a sudden change and brings on a deadly snow storm. Her dad’s distress call from his friend’s house suggests he’s been in an accident but when they struggle through the storm and arrive at Jake’s house they realize that her father is in far more danger than they imagined. Now they must fight the winter storm on foot in an unfamiliar territory to find Holly’s father. The teens endure severe hardship and Sarah must continue the search regardless of her own injuries and her fears because their quest is now one of rescue and survival in a fast-paced race against time.

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