Nibiru Emerges from Behind the Sun -Extreme Events Impact the Earth


As Nibiru emerges from behind the sun in its elongated, abnormal slingshot orbit, its effects here on Earth are being felt on many fronts.

Planet X Images and Videos:


Powerful M6.9 earthquake hits Valparaiso, Chile – Shaking felt 600 miles away, evacuations and tsunami sirens

The Ring of Fire is Heating up: 37 Volcanic Eruptions Right Now and Many Others Showing Increased Seismic Activity

Ogun river mysteriously dries out overnight in Lagos, Nigeria

Atoyac River disappears overnight after giant crack opens up in Mexico


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Days are Long (Silent Partner) Creative Commons Attribution Free Play

Their Story-Them Seeing (Puddle of Infinity) Creative Commons Attribution–Free Play

Discovery Hit by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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