Nobody died of strange disease in LUTH – CMD

The Chief Medical Director, Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idi-Araba, Prof. Chris Bode, said on Wednesday that nobody died of any “strange disease” linked to Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in the hospital.

Bode spoke on the reported death of 13 people in the hospital as a result of HPV.

He said no doctor made such claim from this institution and nobody died of any “strange disease” in LUTH.

The CMD said: “HPV does not cause sudden mass deaths in humans.

“Medical literature informs us that the human papillomavirus causes a number of diseases in man, and the ordinary wart is the commonest of these.

“The virus is also known to cause cancer of the cervix in females, genital cancer and cancer of the throat. Occasionally, it can prevent pregnancy.

“The virus is found only in humans and it can be transmitted through sexual contact and infects the anus and genitals.

“HPV vaccines can prevent the most common types of infection and it is now recommended to be given to young girls between the ages of 9 and 13 to prevent cervical cancer.’’

The CMD said that though, warts have been documented since the time of ancient Greece, its viral nature was described over a hundred years ago.

“It is, therefore, absurd to attribute the discovery of this old disease to any LUTH doctor.

“It damages the ethical standards of the Nigerian Medical community when such reckless claims are made,’’ he said.




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As Reviewed by Ayotunde Okunowo.

Book Title: AFTER SSCE
Number of Pages: Ninety
Number of Chapters: Five
Foreword: Chief F.O Ogun
Publisher: R&R International, Nigeria

Distinguished Launcher, (A man of erect, martial, majestic, and imposing personage)
Eminent personalities at the High Table,
All Notable Invitees,
Charming Princes & Beautiful Princesses,

1 If you look at me closely today, I have two aids and auxiliaries on me. First is a pencil, because no book is too precise as not to see what to add. And secondly is an eraser, because no book is too perfect that you wouldn’t see what to wipe out. Even the holy bible, which is regarded as the most perfect book, Isaiah 59:19 to be precise, has a work done against friction, when it was translated from the original Hebrew writing to the English translation. This error of punctuation has been a subject of discussion among spiritual entities, theologians, lexicographers and other erudite scholars.
When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the spirit of Lord shall lift up a standard against him
When the enemy shall come in, like a flood the spirit of Lord shall lift up a standard against him
If this then be so, I’m therefore constrained to exercise my sober reflection of judgment without fear or favour.

2 Moreover, it is often believed in the hollow chambers, that no Judge is a good one, if he cannot sentence his bosom friend behind bars. Therefore, I would enforce myself with such professional peculiarity and I shall for the few minutes I would spend here rule autocratically and shall desist in looking at the author’s face.

3 The author is not an unknown person to me. Infact I’d known him for eight years now. First as a senior colleague, secondly as a contemporary writer and lastly as a bosom friend. He’s a gentleman per excellence, highly cerebral, exceedingly generous, very comical, down-to-earth, kind hearted and highly futuristic. I’m therefore very happy with him, as he is today leaving a history for mankind to read. If the speculations of Charles Darwin were true, hundred years from now, only God knows what specie of man would occupy this auditorium, but one thing is certain that the book we are about to launch today, shall forever be readable life immemorial. I congratulate you-Amb Femi Ajose as you today set history for mankind to read.

4 Without being too forward, I know some minds may be presently absorbed in the mediation as to what qualifies this man standing here to be the reviewer for today. But let me with a glance of extraordinary humility say, that as I closed this book at 2am on Thursday morning, I’d finished reading the book, cover to cover, for the fifth time. Not only that, I have also been favoured by fortune, to have read over a thousand book, before my twenty second birthday. I therefore presumably belief, that this, among others, might have indicted the author’s affection into making me the reviewer for today. So please pardon me if I do not meet up to your required standard.

5 Before I begin to analyse all my analytical analysis, symbolize all symbolic symbolisms and criticize all critical criticisms, it is an inferiority of character, if I do not pay proper homage to you- my distinguished listeners. It takes a few to rule the world, and I believe the few constitutes this audience. Please sit majestically as kings and queens, as we together undertake the review.

6 If I should look at the beautiful lady starring at me here, I would give this review a hundred percent. But as lawyers would say; Cuculus Non Facit Monachum, i.e a hood does not make a monk and you cannot judge a book by its cover. I would therefore leave the beautiful lady still starring while I proceed with my humble assignment. But the front cover concept is highly commendable and inviting!

7 While I would not bore you with the author’s acknowledgment, foreword and dedication, I shall by habit, custom, method, and fashion progress to the first chapter of the book. The chapter starts with the caption, How to Prepare for UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination). In here, the author opens by encouraging his readers, about the many advantages of the UTME, to the former UME. He encourages a UTME student to make use of the total package of the form and not to refer to the brochure, as many of us did, as an old nonsense that must be thrown to the backyard. He exemplifies the benefit of extra mural classes and the benefits of forming a reading group. In his words, he says the most dangerous form of knowledge acquisition is isolation. On why it is good to treat past questions, the author says that he, who closes his sight to the past, cannot and may never see the future. The chapter ends with the author admonishing his readers to make use and maximize the moment they have now.

8 The 2nd chapter opens with the headings; Alternative to UTME. I and the author for instance, found our way into the system of OOU through this route. The author is quick to introduce to his esteemed readers, alternatives like;
Pre-Degree Sciences(PDS)
Interim Jamb Matriculations(IJMB)
Center for Sandwich Programme(CESAP)
Diploma Programmes
The International Examination Bodies like SAT I, SAT II, TOEFL, among others.
Going through the microscopic analysis of these alternatives would amount to revealing too much. The writer, however deals with tits and bits of it with a charismatic blow.

9 The 3rd Chapter, under the caption; Choosing a Career, is a chapter I wished I should have personally read some 13years ago, when I made a decision, with my tender minds to go into the science class. And some people like my humble self, are finding themselves in the environment in which they are not grossly enthusiastic about. The Nigerian entertainment industry for instances, is full of highly skilled professionals, who left the wig, gown and stethoscope, to grab the microphone. The sensational singer; Shasha for instance, is a lawyer, Funke Akindele, popularly called Jennifer is a lawyer, Beautiful Nubia, the Canadian based singer is a veterinary doctor, Lagbaja, the masked musician is a graduate of unrelated discipline, just to mention a few. What qualifies you to be a Pharmacist? What qualifies you to be a lawyer? What qualifies you as an accountant? All the answers to the aforelisted questions are found in the book; AFTER SSCE. This chapter however is one of the most outstanding, elegant, convincing, and irresistible chapters in the book.

10 The 4th chapter; Two Sides of a Coin, though the shortest of all, comes rather as a debate than a literary tone and treatment. The author intelligently juxtaposes between a polytechnic and university education. The writer annotates that what makes a balloon to fly, is more of the content than the colour. What would prosper a man, so wrote Femi Ajose, is not in the school you went through but what schools inside of you. Oxford, Harvard, Covenant or Yale is statutory, you are what matters. The chapter concludes that whether a polytechnic, college of education, technical sciences or a university, what matters most is knowledge and action.

11 The 5th chapter, which is inarguably the longest, brings to the front burner, those things that were never and would never be taught in school. It comes under the description; Becoming A Better You. The advices here are so much, that if I should commit my time to them one after the other, we might not leave till dusk. The author converses about the disadvantages of pre marital sexual acts. He describes it as a road that leads nowhere. He also writes on the benefit of polishing one’s talent and how humility can transport a man from the lowest ebb to the highest echelon. The author draws the benefit of reading good books which he describes as the greatest quality anybody can have in life. He particularly stresses why it is important to dress well. He says that a good dress sense is an addendum and that dressing is the yardstick by which people are easily identified. He advices our future mothers to desist from wearing dresses that reveal twice as much as it should conceal. Talking about vision, the writer ascribes a man without vision to a ship without a compass. On a personal note, the assistance I always render to a man without vision is that I give such a transport fare to the nearest cemetery, for that is where such individual should be.

12 However, as good as the book is, the almighty printer’s error still roars its ugly head. For instance, the word FOREWORD, was written as FORWARD. The author similarly in his introduction committed an error of tautology. The word ……….Fore Stated Above should either be Fore Stated or Stated Above. While all these are inexorable in the literary habitat, I once again congratulate my brother from another mother on this success. You are today living history for mankind to read. I’m proud to be associated with you. People who have money die and they inherit the title; Late but a man who leaves history for his generation though dies, but he continues to live on.

13 So far so good, so good so nice, a book like this is a very timely rescuer for youths, especially in this era of civilization where an average youth does not know more than music, football and sex. It is a good template for anybody envisaging success to build upon. It is very practical, delicious, life saving and endowed with good stories and emphasis. If you do not have a focus, this book would give you one. It is full of dreams and refinements in intense abstractions

14 The book’s production is admirable, the sentences are

EFCC, Magu frustrating anti-graft war – Malami

The Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami (SAN), on Wednesday accused the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and its Acting Chairman, Ibrahim Magu, of frustrating the Federal Government’s anti-graft war.

Malami, in a statement issued in Abuja, alleged that Magu and the EFCC leadership have “manipulated and misused intelligence to the detriment of the fight against corruption and financial crimes in Nigeria.”

He also accused them of working to prevent the lifting of the country’s suspension by the global financial intelligence gathering body – Egmont Group of Financial Intelligence Units (Egmont Group) and ensure the country’s formal expulsion.

The Egmont Group, currently made up of 156 Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs), representing 156 countries, serves as a platform for exchange of expertise and financial intelligence to combat money laundering and terrorist financing and functions as the operational arm of the international anti-money laundering and counter financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) apparatus.

Nigeria, represented in the group by the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU), was suspended on June 1, 2007 because the NFIU lacks independence and was subject to the control of the EFCC via the provision of the Section 1(2)(c) of the EFCC Act.

The group demanded autonomy for NFIU as a condition for the country’s readmission, failing which it would be expelled.

Since the nation’s suspension, Malami and Magu have been unable to agree on how to meet the condition set by the Egmont Group for the country’s readmission.

While the AGF wants the creation of an autonomous NFIU, detached from the EFCC, and has send a Bill to the National Assembly to that effect, Magu wants NFIU to remain part of EFCC, but with mere re-organisation of its operations.

In the statement issued for the AGF by his spokesman, Comrade Salihu Othman Isah, Malami frowned at Magu’s hard stance on the issue and noted that the uncooperative attitude of EFCC’s leadership could encourage the Egmont Group to carry out its threat to expel the country.

Malami regretted that Magu appeared not to understand the implication of Nigeria’s expulsion from the group on government’s efforts to combat corruption, terrorism, money laundering and other related vices.

The AGF, who insisted on ensuring the separation of NFIU from the EFCC, praised the Senate for passing the Bill for an independent NFIU and urged the House of Representatives to urgently pass similar Bill currently pending before it.

The statement reads: “The EFCC is now in a state of paranoia, as it dreads the effort of the government to have an independent NFIU, which it has stood against stoically since 2006.

“As it presently stands, the NFIU staff are all deployed by the EFCC to serve in the interest of whoever is its current Chairman. This has to stop if it must conform to the new thinking and global best practice. Nigeria cannot be an island of its own. It cannot fight corruption in isolation.

“The threat of expulsion from the Egmont Group calls for a thorough review of the NFIU and the manner in which the EFCC leadership has manipulated and misused intelligence to the detriment of the fight against corruption and financial crime in Nigeria.

“To achieve the desired goal, NFIU needs to stand alone as an agency with full complements of power to recruit its staff and an annual budgetary allocation guaranteed for its operations.

“Its independence must be ascertained in the new law to set up Nigerian Financial Intelligence Agency (NFIA) to enable it carry out its mandate, which shall include responsibilities for receiving, requesting, analysing and disseminating financial intelligence reports on money laundering, terrorist financing and other relevant information to law enforcement, security and intelligence agencies, and other relevant authorities.”


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