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The craze of video games has been increased for the past several years. Physical games are replaced by video games. There are many platforms of video games e.g. personal computers, play stations, PSPs etc. a new platform, evolved recently, is Smartphone. Some advanced smart phones can handle high end video games which are bigger in size and have high graphics like a racing game Asphalt. The video games are so addicting that, not only teens, many adults also plays video games. In fact there are some video games which only adults can play.
Adult gaming mostly consist of RPGs. RPG is an abbreviation of Role Playing Games. In these games, player has to play a role of an imaginary or historical character to complete his quest which is based on stories. For example, Warcraft is among top online RPGs in which the player has to build his own army to defend his area. This is not a free RPG but due to its multiplayer options it is very famous and among the most played games. Speaking of free to play RPGs, some websites offer free online RPGs like this http://knight.gtarcade.com/ .
Online adult gaming:-
As I mentioned that adult gaming trend is increasing and mostly of online multiplayer games, in which some gamers make a team and challenge other teams to compete with them. A very famous game in this field is Counter Strike which is again, among the top online games. Same as this, some RPG games are also played by more than hundred players at the same time. These games are called MMORPG (massive multiplayer online RPGs). War craft along with some other games like Tera, Rift and Starwars the Old Republic include in this category.
Free On stream or online games:-
Some of the top online games are mentioned before like Warcraft and Counter Strike, some other games such as Battlefield, GTA, Metal Gear Solid, Tom Clancy’s Division, Call of Duty, Diablo, Street Fighter etc. are among the top list. But these games are not free to play.
There are many free online games developed by big companies in purpose of publicity. These games are not of the quality of paid games but at least these provide entertainment. Following is the list of top free online games of which we may not have heard before:
* Dragon Nest
* Vindictus
* Warframe
* Robocraft
* Nosgoth
* Black Retribution
* Tribe Ascends
* Magick: Wizard Wars
* Dota 2
* Tem Fortress 2
On stream Smartphone games:
Smartphone gaming has emerged as a big platform for gaming and some big game developers like EA Sports, Game loft and Ubisoft have produced some high end Smartphone games. Some of the famous single player Smartphone games include Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Minecraft, Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Monument valley, softonic Dash, Cut The Rope, PacMan,GTA, Piano tiles etc.
Online Smartphone games include Asphalt 8, Modern Combat, Minecraft, Real racing, NFS Most wanted, Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds GO, Grand Theft Auto, FIFA 15, Final Fantasy VI.
The fact is that due to extent of multiplayer games, the majority of new games come with the multiplayer options.

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