On Top of the World (1978)

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On Top of the World (1978)
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Image by Collin Key
India, Ladakh, Himalaya (1978)
She will have children of her own by now.
(was on Explore Sept. 29, 2008, No 273)

From all my analog photos this is the one dearest to me. And it has its little story, too. We were amongst the first foreigners ever to visit Ladakh after India’s independece. I would go out and play with the children in the fields and take photos. She was the youngest one and very shy. Covered her face with her dirty hands every time i tried. Then finally i surprised her in one inattentive moment. This is not that shot but the one after. When she started to laugh about having finally lost our game.

Winner in Best Candid Photos of Children’s Group Icon Contest(September 08)

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(This is much the original photo. I covered some scratches only.)

St Patrick’s from Above NYC NY
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Image by dog97209
From The "Top of the Rock" Rockefeller Plaza, 70 stories high, looking down at St Patrick’s Cathedral.

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