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Willow was in love with Garner, a wealthy industrialist and she was desperate to show him how far she would go to please him. Garner knew Willow was something he must add to his collection but not before he had shown her the expanse of his growing empire and to test her true commitment to him. Would Willow be able to submit completely to Garner’s desires?This is one of many stories and novellas from the collected writings of J.G. Willette, an investment banker who took his own life after the market crash of 1929. These stories are very much of their time in the early part of the twentieth century but the passion for fetish and kink remains as timely and relevant as if written today. Willette has a knack for writing arousing and revealing literature. This is high quality smut. Also included is a preview of Willette’s tender and arousing: Self Love.

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