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Nobody could have imagined that internet could be of so much use to us as it is in today’s world about 2 decades ago. Moreover it is guaranteed that its importance and value in our livelihood will only increase. Internet is basically something that can be said as a network of networks. It serves many important functions and makes the life and work of a person easier, convenient and friendly. The web has transformed many traditional media, reshaping them in a manner that is more suitable and effective both for the society and the publisher’s benefit.

Like in the case of newspapers, the publishing has been remodelled to blogging, web feeds and web sites. Many good news portals have come up that provides excellent news feeds over the internet. In the initial years, people were very sceptical about online news and information but with time this has changed and people are now very well adapted to this. Moreover they have become largely dependent on the internet for retrieving news and information. Lots of online news and entertainment content is available online and people are increasing switching over to these.

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As a result of this increasing demand of news online, many online portals have come up – big and small. There are some portals that specialise in a particular field or region and are known as local news sites like Delhi news portal. These sites provide the person with all the information that comes up related to that particular region. In the above example, all news that is related with Delhi and of Delhi are displayed and discussed.

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Select content is displayed on these local portals which make them very effective for viewing for those people who wish to know what is going on in their region. Most of the nation based or international portals skip the incidences that do not affect the large but just a few people. In case of local news portals, even the minute facts are covered. People of a region are obviously interested in what is going on in their area.

There are many benefits of an online news feeder site. It is very much dynamic in nature and information is available continuously with almost no interference or breaks. People can go to view those things in which they are interested and leave the rest unlike the TV channels where you have to view things that are put up on that particular channel at that particular time.

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Rajdhani Delhi is one such website that provides the person with in depth news about the city. It has been considered as one of the best news feeder providing accurate, reliable and brisk news to the people at all times.

Rajdhani Delhi is a news aggregation news portal for Delhi. This portal is designed to let you access daily current and breaking news from Delhi.
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