Opportunities abound for competition law hires

Opportunities abound for competition law hires
The firm won several turning-point rulings in the Gas Insulated Switchgear claim that changed the way the courts handle this kind of case and also influenced new European Union disclosure laws. He also took a leading role at BLP in a … At Hausfeld …
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Should You Fire Your Financial Advisor?
Nonetheless, investors shouldn't be too quick to switch gears. “Market volatility shouldn't be a catalyst for change …. Mr. Rup suggests asking your advisor or potential advisor about the concept of dynamic asset allocation—a system that makes …
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Why the Physical Universe Needs Mental Glue
As long as mathematical formulas predict how time, space, matter, and energy behave, the models of quantum mechanics and general relativity work, and we can verify this using empiricism (the measured data which tells us what things are doing). This is …
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