As a part of our goals to aid you as potential engineers, we offer consultancy in a variety of the subjects and industrial relevance in tangible sense as hereunder. They consist of Electrical Engineering and Technical Strategy in real world (industries), beyond the whims of the Tertiary Establishments.

If you see the enterprise alternative, we are right here to will help you plan and execute! Electrical-electronics Engineering Consulting is our way of life…

  • General Electrical Engineering:

  1. Power Systems
  2. Electricity Generation
  3. Electrical Load
  4. Earthing (Grounding) system
  5. Electrical Wiring (House and Industrial)
  6. Electrical Power Transmission & Distribution
  • Electrical Protection System:

  1. Current Transformer System
  2. Voltage Transformer System
  3. Present Relays Methods
  4. Voltage Relays Methods
  5. Automated Safety Relays
  6. Circuit Breakers (Smart and Manual)
  7. Interlocking and Back Tripping Logic
  • Power Management System (PMS):
  1. Overview of PMS Functionality
  2. PMS Cabinet Internal Layout
  3. PMS Electronics
  4. PMS Functionality Details

Electrical-Electronics 1

  • Electrical Transformers

  1. Transformers in General
  2. Single Phase Transformer
  3. Three-Phase Transformer
  4. Transformer Coupling
  5. Types of Transformers and Application
  6. Transformer Connections Details
  7. Transformer Maintenance
  • Electrical Substations:

  1. Substation Design
  2. Substation Equipment Layout
  3. Medium Voltage Equipment
  4. Substation Automation Engineering
  • Electric Motors:

  1. Electrical Motors in General
  2. Single Phase Motors
  3. Three-Phase Motors
  4. Asynchronous Motors
  5. Synchronous Motors
  6. Industrial Application Details
  7. Motor Controls:
    1. DOL Starter Management
    2. Auto -Transformer Starter
    3. Full Voltage Non-Reversing Motor Starter (FVNR)
    4. Motor Control Centre (MCC)
    5. DC Motors
    6. Servo Motors
    7. Motor Manager (MMII)
  • Electrical Switchgear:

  1. Switchgear General Concept
  2. Electrical Circuit Breaker Compartment
  3. Switchgear Control Sensitive Relays
  4. Control Devices: Type of HV/LV Circuit Breakers
  5. Switchgear Compartment & Component Maintenance
  • Electrical Cabling:

  1. Cabling Overview
  2. Cable Sizing & Segregation
  3. Cable Scheduling for laying/pulling
  4. Cable Routing (Above Ground and Underground)
  5. Cable Termination
  • Lighting System:
  1. Lighting Systems General Principles
  2. Lighting Layout
  3. Lighting Circuit Booklet
  4. Home Application
  5. Industrial(Plant) Lighting Details
  6. Aircraft Warning Light
  7. High Mast Light
  8. Street/Road Lighting

  • Cathodic Protection (CP)

  1. General Principles
  2. Cathodic Protection (CP) Junction Boxes
  3. CP Negative Electrode (Cathode) and Positive Electrode (Anode)
  4. CP Test Point / CP Flush Finks
  5. CP Deep Well and Operations
  6. CP Monitoring and Polarization
  • Electro-mechanical Installation:

  1. Cable Trays
  2. Cable Trays Support
  3. Electrical Equipment support
  4. Miscellaneous
  • Electrical Monitoring & Control:

  1. Power Electronics
  2. Power Electronics Control (PEC) Monitoring
  3. Control and Monitoring Circuits
  4. EPCF (Electrical Protection and Control Functionality)
  5. Electrical Network Monitoring and Control (ENMC)
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