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We offer consultancy in numerous subjects, home and industrial instrumentation/automation effectively as hereunder.
They include Instrumentation and Electronics Engineering and Technical Approaches in real world (industries), beyond the whims of the Tertiary Institutions.

Instrumentation Equipment

  1. Pressure Measurement
  2. Flow Measurement
  3. Level Measurement
  4. Temperature Measurement
  5. Radiology and Neutron Flux Measurement

Control Systems:

  1. Importance of Process Control
  2. ON/OFF Control
  3. Control Theory Fundamentals:
    1. Basic Proportional Control
    2. Rate Or Derivative Action
    3. Multiple Control Modes (Proportional, Integral and Derivative Actions)
    4. Negative Feedback Control Schemes
  4. Control Loops and ISA Symbology
  5. Controller Algorithm and Tuning
  6. Process Control System

Industrial Instrumentation 1:

  1. Instrumentation Diagrams
  2. Instrument Connections
  3. Discrete Process Measurement
  4. Discrete Control Element
  5. Analogue Electronic Instrumentation
  6. Pneumatic Instrumentation


Industrial Instrumentation 2:

  1. Digital Electronic Instrumentation
  2. Instrument Calibration
  3. Continuous Pressure Measurement
  4. Continuous Level Measurement
  5. Continuous Temperature Measurement
  6. Continuous Fluid Flow Measurement

Industrial Instrumentation 3:

  1. Continuous Fluid Flow Measurement
  2. Continuous Analytical Measurement
  3. Signal Characterization
  4. Final Control Elements
  5. Feed Back Control
  6. Process Characteristics and PID Controller Tuning
  7. Basic Process Control Strategies
  8. Control Performance Suite (DeltaV)

Instrument Protection:

  1. Enclosures/Ingress Protection (IP56/66)
  2. Heat Tracing
  3. Fire Hazard Protection


Process Control Valves 1:

  1. Control Valves overview and application advice
  2. Control Valve Performance
  3. Types of Valve and Actuators
  4. Selecting a control valve – We can help you do that
  5. Special Control Valves
  6. Valve Installation and Maintenance (valve assembly)

Process Control Valves 2:

  1. Steam Conditioning Valves
  2. Valve Standards and Approval
  3. Valve Engineering Data
  4. Pipe Requirement Data
  5. Data Conversion and Equivalents
  6. Valve Communication (E.g. STONEL)

Distributed Control Systems(DC) and ICSS:

  1. DCS Console/Central Control Room (CCR)
  2. DCS Cabinets/ Remote Instrument Building (RIB) or Field Auxiliary Room (FAR)
  3. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  4. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
  5. Integrated Control and Safety System(ICSS)
  6. High Pressure Integrity System(HIPPS)

Instrument Hook-Up:

  1. Electrical Hook Up Details
  2. Pneumatic Hook UP Details
  3. Level Instruments Hook Up Details
  4. Flow Instruments Hook Up Details
  5. Pressure Instruments Hook Up Details
  6. Analyser Tubing Details
  7. Steam Tracing Tubing Details
  8. Instrument Support Details

Instrument Cabling:

  1. General Design Philosophy
  2. Instrument Signal Categorisation
  3. Building Cable and Junction Box (JB) Numbering
  4. Cable Separation/Segregation
  5. Instrument Underground Cabling
  6. Instrument Above Ground Cabling
  7. Instrument Cabling Indoor Installation
  8. Instrument Cable Installation to Remote Instrument Building and MCTs