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Milan, located in Italy is one of the richest cities in Europe. This city houses various artistic pieces of ancient Italy. Art and heritage lovers can visit this city and they would love it. This is a very fashionable city, which means, you can be up to date on fashion if you shop in this city.

Reaching Milan is not a big deal. There are numerous Milan Flights across Europe. You may have to book 2 tickets, one to Europe and another from there to Milan. However, first check if there are any direct international Milan flights from your location. The city has 2 airports, one is an international airport and the other is for domestic flights within Europe.

On reaching the city, you can travel in various modes of transport such as public buses, trams, taxis and metro systems. Travelling in Milan would be stress-free even if you do not use taxis since it has a very good metro system in place. It is best to visit this place during winter as summers would be very hot and humid.

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The city is popular for the wonderful Italian cuisine and Milanese dishes. You can pamper your taste buds and enjoy the daily food outings, trying out various restaurants and bars. Milan has a good number of bars, nightclubs, cinemas, opera, ballet, concerts and many other events during the night. The nightlife here is not to be missed. You can get the schedules and details of these from the internet. You can get top quality shoes, dresses and other accessories in Milan. There are many shopping malls and markets where you can hang out for shopping.

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Few places to visit during your Milan trip would be:

The Duomo – This is the world’s largest cathedral, built in 1386. You would be astonished to see the magnificence of the building even after 500 years.
La Scala – This is yet another ancient building, built in the year 1778. This is an opera house which could accommodate over 200 people.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuel – It is a glass roofed shopping center, built in 1867. More than shopping, you need to visit this place for the infrastructural beauty.

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Sant Maria della Grazie – This is the place which contains Da vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’. For visiting this place, you would need to book in advance.

Other than these, you can visit the National Museum, Sant’ Ambrogio church, a hill town of Bergamo and other lakes in Milan which are awe inspiring.

To make your Milan trip a successful and memorable one, you need to plan, book the flight tickets and accommodation well in advance, decide upon the places to visit and do everything according to the schedule. Wherever needed, you can opt for guided tours to get more information about the place.

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