PMS – Un Valzer Per Me – #Live

PMS – Un Valzer Per Me – #Live

PMS - Un Valzer Per Me - #Live

Live #madeinhome

Caterina Bianco: violino e voce
Martina Mollo: pianoforte, voce , live electronics

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Want to run your RC trucks, cars, etc in water like how we run them?

Received many PMs on how do we waterproof our RC electronics, how do we “make” the trucks survive water, etc etc…

So here’s a short “how-to” to share with fellow friends on one of the waterproofing method that we use to protect our ESC, BEC, etc etc from the elements. 🙂

Check it out. 🙂

Disclaimer: It worked for us, still, there are always risks when playing with water… We do not guarantee that it works for you too.


Thanks for watching!

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