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The area of product design development in the field of mechanical services has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Owing to demanding customers, technology developments, cut-throat competition and strive for innovation, product design development has been a major component in mechanical services and has secured a very important place in the market of mechanical services.

Product designing has become a lucrative venture in the business of mechanical design sector and because of increasing impact of advancing technological changes. product designing has become an imperative need and challenge for engineers and designers. As it is now easier to come up new innovative product designs, virtual prototypes, cost-effective options for design evaluation, there seems to be a host of opportunities for designers, engineers and modelers to explore this potentially rich component of design development.

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Product designing sees its scope in changing industries to changing lifestyles in a very considerable manner. Mechanical designing using 3D tools leads to development of more product options within the limits of time, costs and resources. As today there is an increasing demand of production of new products with innovative and user-friendly features and extended usage beyond specific purpose; mechanical services are trying to cater to such demands using mechanical engineering design and mechanical CAD design.

Today 3D modeling has helped rapid development of products in a cost-effective manner, right from the conceptual design stage to its final production and finished product stage. Designers and engineers are also helped as they have to work comparatively less for creation of multiple prototypes. They are allowed to choose from a wide range of materials and tools to develop precisely accurate product prototypes without spending a single penny on developing it physically. Along with this, 3D modeling and design also helps 3D product visualization at different stages of development and from various angles. Thus, verification of design with respect to its original specifications and defined design rules can also be done without considerable costs or time investment.

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3D modeling aids in testing prototypes and also creation of prototypes efficiently and rapidly. Technology advancements in product designing have led to faster, easier and smarter product development which helps companies to thwart competition and invariably achieve success. Coupled with this benefit, they are also able to communicate better and effectively with their suppliers, customers and associates thus ensuring their credibility within the industry and their network. With a booming infrastructure industry and wide-spread opportunities in engineering, 3D technology is carving its niche into becoming one of the most preferred tools for product design development. Also, with the technology becoming accessible and the emerging growth of technology skilled workforce, product design development is going to be an important, potent and focused area in mechanical engineering.

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